Tonight on tv: a Special about the moon landing to The Pier

Still looking for a good movie, series or documentary for you? to put it in collaboration with Veronica Superguide the televisietips in a row.

Series – Of-The-Pier

20.25-22.10 pm on NPO3

Fans of the Netflix hit, La casa de papel please note: this new Spanish series is from the same makers. In eight episodes, you’ll see the story of Alejandra, a successful career as an architect and is married with Óscar. Óscars the body in the sea was found, the police think committed suicide. Alejandra believes in nothing and will soon find out that Óscar is a double life together.

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Misdaadserie: Grantchester

20.10-21.05 hrs on NPO2

With the arrival of Nathaniel Todd, an American civil rights advocate, creates racial tension in the otherwise serene Grantchester. When a murder is committed, inspector Geordie Keating, to the assistance of the Sydney Chambers is needed in order to find out what the story is. It soon became a suspect in the picture, but if this is the case, it is resolved, it remains to be seen.

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Movie: The Man in the Iron Mask

20.30-23.10 hours of the week

The three musketeers from the EARLY withdrawn and the cross of their swords, with an ex-colleague of D’artagnan and the young, cruel king Louis XIV. When the trio finds out that his look-alike somewhere, languishes in prison, it is the start of a great verwisseltruc.


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Reporter: The moon landing: the 50th anniversary of the first step is to

20.30-22: 00 on NPO1

André Kuipers is not a surprise, then, that he, as a ten-year-old red-koontjes of the moon landing by Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong left. Claudia de Breij don’t. Together, they’ve had a look at the giant leap for mankind.

Misdaadserie: Section de recherches

22.40-23.35 hours on a Single

Andrea, a young lawyer, is found dead on a cross, pierced by a tree branch. It soon becomes clear that the modus operandi of the killer is reminiscent of a series of seriemoorden in the region during the eighteenth century, it is the mystery only increases. It Was Andrea at the wrong time in the wrong place?

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