Tonight on tv, a Documentary series by Erwin Olaf | horror series, The Exorcist

Still looking for a good movie, series or documentary for you? to put it in collaboration with Veronica Superguide the televisietips in a row.

Documentary: The hour of the wolf, Erwin Olaf, – ‘ The Legacy

20.35-22: 00, on NPO2

It is precisely in this year, Olaf more fragile than ever: he had progressive emphysema, so he has to conserve his energy to deal with it. And, as his mother is about to die, the artist, is in his Amsterdam studio, and in the united states in Palm Springs on new photo projects, which are thematically in keeping with his stage of life.

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Movie: Ted

20.30-22.45 hours of the week

John wished as a child that his teddy bear Ted to life, and his desire came from. The two grew up, still live together, but then it was time for John to grow up to be, and should be able to make a choice between his girlfriend and inappropriate teddy bear.

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Check out the trailer for Ted

Reality: The most Beautiful Girl in the Class

22.20-23.05 pm on NPO1

Dorothy van Dam (49) has done, many a heart is out of whack in the netherlands. But the classmates were given the opportunity not to get to know her better, because it was a bad situation at home, many moved on. Moved to live in Spain and Monaco-in the future the balance sheet.

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Horror: The Exorcist

22.00 pm-1.40 pm on FOX (four episodes)

The series is based on the classic horror film made in 1973. Angela Rance believes that there is a demon in her house. She calls in the help of the priest By It, which, in turn, relies on the experience duivelbanner priest, Marcus Keane.

Movie: Avatar

20.30-23.45 pm at NET5

The paraplegic soldier, Jake Sully, is sent to the moon Pandora, where he is in the army and have to help an alien race called the Na’vi to defeat them. He goes back into the body of a Na’vi, to learn the culture of these beings is to know and realize that we are on the wrong side.

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The Trailer of Avatar

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