Tonight, on the tv, For sleeping on the Moon, and the Alex Klaasen

Still looking for a good movie, series or documentary for Thursday night? to put it in collaboration with Veronica Superguide the televisietips in a row.

Stand-up Comedy: You had to be there

22.25-23: 00 on NPO1

Real-life stories are brought to life by Dennis Weening, and Each Control unit. Weening says that he is not as innocent as he seems, because he takes something that does not belong to him. Controls ability seems to be limitless, but there has to be a limit: the one sport is too much.

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Movie: 17 Again

20.30-22.30 pm at Net5

Mike O’donnell (Matthew LeBlanc) are going to go back to his carefree seventeen-year-old self (Zac Efron). He was the sterbasketballer of the school and had big plans to go to university. In this dream, he could forget when his girlfriend became pregnant. Now, he is seventeen-years-old, and then he can use that period of his life, again.


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Coverage: Unlimited Talent

21.40-22.35 pm on NPO3

Twelve of the refugees are doing their best in order to build a career in the Netherlands. This episode is on Amera, and Steam. Amera have come out of Syria, and labor supervision. Wasim studied in the last few days, and now wants to have a future in the Netherlands is build up by the way of the music.

Reality: This’s Pajama y

20.30-21: 30 on RTL 4

Chantal Janzen stayed at several well-known people and organize a pyjamaparty. This time, she is going to look at the Moon with Alex Klaasen. On the Moon, they go karaoke, do it, and Alex will remain in the city during the night, but go from a good night’s sleep, it is not the case.

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Movie: Just My Luck

22.30-0.35 pm at Net5

Ashley (Lindsay Lohan) has always been lucky, but one day she suddenly just out of luck, and her perfect life turns into hell on earth. The life of Jake (Chris Pine) turns up in a compelling world. She is willing to put everything on the line to allow them to have their lives back to be able to make the swap.

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