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Still looking for a good movie, series or documentary for Thursday night? to put it in collaboration with Veronica Superguide the televisietips in a row.

Documentary Film: The Dirty Vegan

22.30-23.05 pm on NPO 3

In this episode, you must be Mathew Pritchard, a hearty, protein-rich feast preparing for the damesrugbyteam Llanelli Scarlets. They need to be their arch-rival to Bath to beat it, but that can be done without any animal products such as sports nutrition?

Realityprogramma: Mr. Frank Visser, ” What is it now?

21.30-22.35 pm on SBS6

Fritz ventured to his house because he was afraid that his neighbor is a common drink, then his chances would be to take it to the house to work. The fight was out of hand, and that of the men, even the hands were gone. In the latest episode there is a review of the case, and looking at the way the two men go.

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Documentary: 3Doc: 42 Grams, An Evolution of a Chef

21.00-22.30 pm on NPO 3

Chef Jake Bickelhaupt started with his wife, who is an illegal restaurant in his own house, which he, in a very short period of time to raise the profile came from. The documentary shows the toll that a sudden success as well.

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Realityprogramma: please Help, my husband is a handyman!

20.30-21: 30 on RTL4

Anne-marie and Nick’s life for years, and their two young children in a cold garage. Nick has a spacious villa, everything is stripped and getting no progress. Anne-marie was sick and tired of using buckets and in the toilet to flush it and to wash it in a speciekuip. Time to get John Williams, and the klusteam to turn it on.

Movie: Memento

21.30-23.25 hrs on the Canvas

Leonard (Guy Pearce) is out to seek revenge on the murderer of his wife, but because of his bad memory and the only way to proper functioning due to the constant note-taking and polaroid photographs. The director, Christopher Nolan (Inception, Interstellar), it broke on to the international scene with this psychological thriller, which is from the back to front man said.

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