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Trump’s Pennsylvania rally to distract from his agenda?

Trump rallied the voters in Pennsylvania before the special election; Washington Examiner White House correspondent Sarah Westwood reacts to his comments.

President Trump is all-in for the Republican candidate in Pennsylvania in the hard-fought congressional race-personally stumping this weekend for Rick Saccone as a stream of Trump-approved surrogates also enter and exit in an attempt to hold the seat for the Republicans on Tuesday to vote.

Trump battlefield, Pennsylvania won in 2016, snapping a nearly three decades long losing streak for the GOP presidential candidate –is on the road running on an overturned White house, the victory in which he also won the Pittsburgh-area constituency, in the Saccone.

“I love this place,” yelled Trump Saturday night took place on the stage for Saccone in a suburb of Pittsburgh. “Hello, Pittsburgh. … I am thrilled to be back in Pennsylvania. … It is more fun than in a Trump rally?”

But Saccone, and Trump, are facing some difficult headwinds in 2018, compared to 2016, when the Trump of the district won by almost 20 points.

The party controlling the White house loses about 30 house seats in midterm elections, the voltage of a Democratic base eager to perhaps finally running for Congress, and some of the statehouses, the Republicans control for years.

They also have a fully trained opponent, the Democrat Conor Lamb — a telegenic Marine and former Federal Prosecutor, supports gun rights, and stocking duties on a steel and aluminum in the battle for the district is critical for white, blue-collar workers.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette editorial Board on Sunday called on lamb,-an “impressive young man” with a “vigorous campaign”, but approved Saccone, a four-term representative in the state.

“Saccone … has a wealth of experience and intimate knowledge of the district, because he has to represent, a part of it in the legislature,” said Board. “He’s a good fit for the district and would be an effective representative for him from his first day on the job.”

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Trump is also the state visited 18 constituency in January. His son, Donald Trump Jr, was the campaign on Monday. In the past few weeks, Vice-President Mike Pence, Trump-daughter Ivanka and White House special counsel, Kelly Anne Conway all have visited the district, the have of the well, the Pittsburgh suburbs in the depth of the Pennsylvania coal and steel country.

The 33-year-old Lamb and his campaign have clearly decided not to attack Trump, who remains popular in the region.

The former Vice-President Joe Biden, never Trump ‘ s mentioned by name last week in back-to-back rallies for lamb. But trump, the state GOP party and outside money groups have tried tirelessly to tie lamb, of the Washington establishment — warning voters that he talks like a moderate, but if he is elected-support-top-of-the house, the Democrat Nancy Pelosi’s liberal agenda.

“You can’t,” Trump said on Saturday night. “Lamb, the sham. He tries to act like a Republican. He will not give me a voice … This is the trump card of the country, right, so he has to say nice things. … Here’s the problem. As soon as he gets it, he will not go, vote for us. He is the voice of the party.”

Val DiGiorgio, Chairman of the Pennsylvania Republican party, told Fox News: “they have tried to reinvent (lamb), run away from their message of higher taxes, sanctuary cities, and socialism. But the voters know that at the end of the day, he agree with the left-wing leadership in Washington.”

Trump’s critics argue, the President is losing influence in elections, pointed out that he supported the two losing GOP candidates in the past year in a special Senate race in conservative Alabama.

Trump, who boasted, in turn, on the Saccone rally Saturday as he Republican helped Karen trade you win a special house election last year in Atlanta, spending record-breaking million for their candidates, Jon Ossoff suburbs, in spite of Democrats.

“Karen was the one I wanted,” Trump said. “And we came after him, I brought him in a period of four days, I got no credit for it from these guys, brought him down.”

He also fired a tweet Sunday, arguing he and the entire Republican party in the past year, held five GOP-held house seats in special elections, saying “Hopefully, Rick Saccone is another great victory on Tuesday.”

The Republicans are racing with 5-0 in the last Congressional, a point, not to mention the Fake-News media continuously. I went and sat down for all the winners. You give me credit for. Hopefully, Rick Saccone is another great victory on Tuesday.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 11, 2018

Republican campaign media strategist Rory McShane on Monday shut down the idea of play that a Saccone loss is Trump’s campaign violated.

“I don’t think he can win any state. You can not said to every far-and-way congressional race and say, Yes-or-no-Trump,” McShane. “And a lot of Trump voters are removed from the political process. You will show up to vote, if Trump says.”

Democrats need to win a total of 24 house races in November to control the chamber.

The race has become a “dead heat” in the last days and weeks, which has led to a strengthening of the outpouring of help from Trump, surrogates, and others, spending a lot of money, Saccone – get-out-the-vote efforts and attack the lamb on the respiratory system

Teams from the Koch brothers-backed Americans For prosperity, are expanding in the region last weekend, the conservative public relations.

And the Republican National Committee has spent more than $1 million on its own operations, was expected to reach 250,000 targeted voters-either by phone or in person through election day, said RNC spokesman Rick Gorka

In total, national groups allied with the GOP have spent almost $8 million for advertising in the race, a picture of the amount invested no logistical support on the ground and is more than seven times that of the national Democratic allies with none of the lamb campaign.

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