To trade Chicago shootings prompt Rahm Emanuel: the mayor’s plans to reduce gun violence

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Chicago violence hurts mayor Rahm Emanuel’s political future

Several of mayor Rahm Emanuel ‘ s 10 Challenger, a prominent Democrat, proposed for the city of high crime and blamed him for everything, from communities under-staffed police to a lack of investment in Chicago, economically oppressed neighbor.

Chicagoans are reveal calling on mayor Rahm Emanuel to make concrete plans to curb gun violence after the city was rocked by another bloody weekend. The Democrat, drew the ire this week after the message “settings” is needed to change in order to create changes.

To help Emanuel, the mayor of the Windy City since 2011, urged the locals in the “a” and “speak up” to police officers in the identification of potential murderers.

“This is maybe not politically correct, but I know the power of what it can do to the faith and the family,” Emanuel said on Aug. 7, according to the Chicago Sun Times. “There is nothing on the streets of Chicago, which is stronger than what is in the community of faith and what is in the family. Our children need structure.”


The mayor then promised to deploy more officers on the South Side and the West Side police, more patrols on the weekends — if you reported more shootings.

City officials say the new crime-fighting measures in recent years have contributed to homicides down, but the number is still significant.

Chicago ended in 2017 with 650 murders, compared with 771 in the previous year. But the drop was an improvement on last year overall, the combined number of murders in New York and Los Angeles, the two U.S. cities larger than Chicago exceeded.

Here is a look at everything suggested Emanuel has, in response to the city’s rising crime.

The deployment of more officers

During the week, Emanuel and Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said, 430 officers scattered in the city’s most violent neighborhoods on the South and West side, especially around Ogden, Harrison and Austin police districts. On weekends, this number increases to 600.

Happening now: I am known in the case of @Chicago_Police Supt., Eddie Johnson, that an additional 430 officers will be deployed to Chicago neighborhoods this week, along with 600 other officers, and all the action this weekend in response to the recent violence.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel (@Chicago Mayor) 7. August 2018

“We have a number of strategic ordered the deployments are aimed at maintaining our community safe,” Emanuel said in an Aug. 7 press conference. “These additional deployments continue to complement the existing team.”

Expand Police Hours

To increase, some of the officers have extended their regular shifts, while other units have canceled their day, including those who work within the Department, the fugitive apprehension unit.

“We use the resources from other areas of the city,” Johnson explained. “This is not a matter of resources, so that we forces of a certain district, and a change of clothes; do the work, we take the work forces units, and other things.”

Ask for the community help

Emanuel urged Chicagoans to come to the front, if you have information to add found in connection with the fatal shootings over the weekend that none have been made so far.

“This is not said about the Chicago Police Department alone,” Emanuel reportedly. “It is not a question of a summer-jobs program, alone. This is about the fabric of the neighborhood and community, as the Commissioner said — who knows who did this.”

The mayor promised to work with the detective division and the state attorney for the protection of witnesses, the identify bold step forward to protect and against her statements.

Emanuel believes events like the National Night Out, a national campaign to promote partnerships between police officers and the public, the help this week, can also bring people together.

Today is #national nightout Against crime. View this map to an event in the vicinity to connect, or a visit to one in a Chicago neighborhood differently to show them your support for all of our residents.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel (@Chicago Mayor) 7. August 2018

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