To the jungle with saxophonist Mattias The Government: ‘Don’t hardly ever have to compromise’

Mattias The Government, saxophonist at Nordmann, explains why he and his group MDC III two drummers turned it on and let you premiere the first single from the debut album of the trio to hear: “This is my most personal project.’

MDC III, from left to right, drummer Lennert Jacobs, saxophonist Mattias The Government, and drummer Simon Segers © /

There remain but sweet-smelling vapours to ascend from the packed stew of rock, jazz, funk, hip-hop, and electronics that already a few years running. Of all the Belgians who ever in that cauldron stirring, is Mattias The Government and perhaps one of the most interesting chefs. The Ghent saxophonist blows not only live in his combo Nordmann, which he in 2016 Humo’s Rock Rally and won, but, more recently, for its own account as MDC III, a flag next to The Government and also two drummers covers: all-rounder Simon Segers, active in, inter alia Absynthe Minded and The Bears Vultures and Lennert Jacobs, which behind the sheets at The Germans.


‘Whoever listens to my music, should feel like being in a sweaty, psychotic, but imaginative jungle to sit.’

Mattias The Government

“A perfectly oiled machine,” says The Government is proud about his trommeltandem. “They complement each other: Simon, the skilled, technically strong drummer with loads of experience, and Lennert, who are of the kit as a self-taught completely different approaches. Together jobs they are way past leaning grooves and weird time signatures.’

According to the short biographies of MDC III, who scattered to find, is the germ of the project in Interstellar Space, the dubbelplaat of saxlegende John Coltrane and drummer Rashied Ali. Do not believe that trade, The Government refers itself rather to an actor, director, painter and saxophonist John Lurie, who under the title of The National Orchestra to the studio indook with a percussionist and a drummer. “That, but in a different way and with more electronics”, summarizes The Government and the half grappend together, because who is MDC III and The National Orchestra next to each other, will see that there Luries influences hardly anything is left.

MDC III is his most personal project, ” explains the saxophonist. ‘I Nordmann a little tied ben song structures, I now hardly have to compromise. It is only a question of the right feeling to get into it, to explain that to Simon, and Lennert, and the right sounds to search. Often refer I on films such as Apocalypse Now. Whoever listens to my music, should feel like being in a sweaty, psychotic, but imaginative jungle to sit.’

There, flowing tracks like the psychotic TINNIT result, the first single of the september to appear their debut album. Now yes, the definition of a single is hardly to apply in the almost eleven minutes long track – there is also a single version of a thick four-minute – full of tribal vibes, that all sides on the floats and you do wonder whether this fully improvising ensemble studio does not feel like a jungle, but if a monkey cage.

That The Government and not to bars, they need to pluck, ie, say thanks to Dijf Sanders, elektronicatovenaar for just about everyone in the Belpop, of Baloji to Kenji Minogue. “He is such a little bit of our fourth, an invisible musician. If we are ready with recording, he’s still going to agree with his musical fantasy about the images. Every time he does his work in my mailbox, it drops, it triggers me to live yet verregaander to experiment. The studio work and concerts that enhance each other really.’

Listen below to the premiere of the short version of TINNIT.

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