To the half of fruit by heat

The European groenteverwerkers ringing the alarm bell about the ongoing drought. ‘The worst situation of the past forty years’ for the vegetable growers and processors, it sounds. For some species the harvest of up to 50 percent lower.


‘Due to the hot and dry weather in July in most regions of Europe, the vegetables affected and the yield of the crop significantly. Today, the situation for vegetable growers and processors are the most severe of the past forty years’, according to Profel, the European association of fruit and groenteverwerkers.

2018 is the third year in a row that the sector to deal with exceptional weather conditions. The heat and drought take this year to the producers of frozen vegetables and groenteconserven. The lesser harvest leads to limited and irregular supplies of fresh vegetables to the factories. This increases the cost of production and less processed products, the sector.

Worried about wintervegetables

For peas, there is, for instance, of a 20 to 50 percent smaller crop. Also for beans walk reports of harvesting up to 50 percent smaller. For onions is the harvest according to the sector 15 to 50 percent lower. Furthermore, there is also impact for zucchini and spinach.

An additional consequence is that in many regions the growers because of the drought currently no second crop can sow. And so, there is also concern for the autumn and wintervegetables, for example, cabbage, brussels sprouts and leeks. ‘For these crops, it is now already clear that it is too dry and the yield is therefore clearly below the average will lie.’

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