To talk about believing in santa Claus: “Sometimes we wait for the parents to

Specially designed for children the site has been launched. For parents, it can sometimes be difficult to communicate with their child about specific news topics to talk about. In this series of shooting experts to help. At this time, how do you talk to your child about the inevitable end of believing in the secret saxton.

Young children live in a magical world where fantasy and reality are intertwined. The tooth fairy that a tooth turns into a coin, and the happy bunny eggs, hides, small children will believe just about anything. Thus, even at Christmas.

The beautiful thing about Christmas is that it’s socialization is enhanced, suggests developmental psychologist Steven Pont. “And santa Claus does not only make children happy but also the parents. It is a national tradition with its own rituals, songs, and snacks that are binding on the child, both at the micro-level (family) and macro-level (the relationship with the community is strengthened.”

Lie, we all do

The parents, who, in spite of the romance, pre-emptively stopped by the discovery of a lie may choose to have santa Claus each and every year to unravel when a neighbor, who he really is, ” says Ferry. “If the Saint is a changed man, no need to do that’s fun for the kids, not necessarily to be printed. Take a look at the carnival.”

“On the other hand, we must devote ourselves not to be fooled. We have to lie constantly to kids. “Put your coat on, or else you catch cold,’ is one of them. And no matter how hard the truth may be, the child discovers that santa Claus does not exist, and there is no-one to thirty years ‘ age at the time of the doctor, due to the large Sinttrauma.”

Follow the on-timing of the child

In fact, educators are in agreement that the parents themselves at an early stage, it will tell you that santa Claus doesn’t exist, and their children, so take it away. Namely, that the ultimate truth does not exist. But how are you going to be on a good way of dealing with the approaching end? It begins, according to Pont, in the sense that children are, on average, around the age of seven to stop believing. “If you have a child, his doubts begin to share it, it’s a good time to get going. “What is good is that you ask this question. How would you be able to sit down?’ You can follow the child up in his own thoughts.

Please be on time, have a bad nieuwsgesprek

Of course, there are the children who, in spite of clear signs of it in the classroom, persistently maintain that the real santa Claus really does exist, and he is still in the city. It is, according to the developmental psychologist’s time for a slechtnieuwsgesprek. “If the parents of the magic of the festival itself, not wanting to let go, to wait, sometimes a long time. However, as a parent, you have to always be on top of the fabric. It is to be a child and do not like it when it’s found out that he was the one mark appears to be that it is not yet know. And this is all your fault. That is, all the adults are in the know about la, but all of the children, it is a different story.”

Let the tears come out

The approach of slechtnieuwsgesprek is the same as it is in adults, ” says Ferry. “Draal does not, however, pull out the patch at the same time. Santa claus does not exist. You can, from there, you can work on recovering.” In addition, it is important to have enough space for the sadness to leave. “As a parent, we find it hard to see our kids sad, but the grief experience is a function, so handle it.” So, even if you feel guilty, try to be the tears of your child and of yourself – do not press it.

Create new rituals

When the tears have dried, it can be more of a substantive conversation. If so, how could we have Christmas in the future will be able to celebrate it? Pont says, “The specific approach is a very important part of your child. It Is your child to be creative, set up surprises for the space to write. It Is your last, then you can get him to spawn is to say that he is now large enough to be able to participate in the scheme in the direction of his younger nephews and nieces. And to emphasize, especially, that the ” lie ” out of love was born.”

187Waarom we have surprises for devil

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