To take someone in the State Department involved is likely to bid Trump: Herridge

nearvideo Catherine Herridge on Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N. C., and coordinated0effort claim

Fox News’ chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge believes that a claim of the Republicans, North Carolina Rep. meadows in addition to hurt a coordinated effort of President Trump-including the “seated Ambassador,” the FBI and the Department of Justice — is probably also someone in the State Department.

“I think the Congressman refers to a Person in the State Department, based on my reporting,” Herridge said Tuesday on Fox News Radio’s “Brian Kilmeade Show.” “Since we have a pretty good feeling now of these transcripts has been revealed, and then the records unsealed by the consumer were at the end of last week in the defamation suit with BuzzFeed, that … the government network pulsed with the dossier in the last few months of the campaign, and then during the transition period. And who comes to the FBI and Department of justice through the many different streets, or a lot of different ways, and the goal, give him credibility.”


Herridge added, “My memory is that it is a tie in the State Department, so we will see exactly the person who receives the meadows, members of Congress on … but this is where I think it is.”

The deposition was released last week, due to a lawsuit over BuzzFeed and the publication of the much-discussed Christopher Steele dossier.

It was also shown that Steele used to collect a user-generated off – site called “iReport” from CNN, much of the dossier information.

Meadows appeared on “Hannity” Monday when he made the accusation that it is a “coordinated action” to the President.


“There will be additional information coming out, not only show that there is no collusion, but it was to take a coordinated effort, this President down. We are talking about the ‘Deep state”.’ There are players now also Ambassador, the sitting Ambassador, the goods involved in the said in a part of this with the FBI, Department of justice,” Meadows Hannity

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