To share epic battle for the left-hand figure in 2020, as Bernie Sanders forced the spotlight

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MANCHESTER, N. H. – Bernie Sanders had the progressive wing of the Democratic party, almost all in the 2016 presidential campaign.

Chances are that will not be the case in the year 2020, the independent senator from Vermont, start a second bid for the White house.

“It’s a whole new ball. Anyone who thinks otherwise, is delusional,” said a veteran New Hampshire-based progressive activist. “It all starts over again. There is very little residual loyalty I’m to find.”

Sanders, the crushed Hillary Clinton in the 2016 New Hampshire primary, but lost the nomination to her, and commanded support from the left wing of the party. This time, however, the democratic field is filled are expected to be with like-minded candidates. And if Sanders runs, he would be a strong competition for the support of the same liberal Basis-whether from the Massachusetts sen. Elizabeth Warren from California Sen. Kamala Harris of New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, or a variety of other liberal potential candidates.


This kind of shared field on the left-hand side, in turn, a scenario that could open the door for a more moderate or centrist Democrats to maintain the party presidential nomination.

But regardless of the effects, an epic battle for the heart and soul of the party, the growing liberal wing is in progress and this potential candidates are aware of the fact that they are all on the same audience. Sanders and Warren, perhaps the greatest progressive titans of the quantity, a met-to-discuss earlier this month in Warren, Washington condo, your probable duel, election campaign, two democratic sources confirmed to Fox News.

The two senators will not try to dissuade each other from running, nor have they reached agreement on the voting mode for the future, according to The New York Times, which reported first to the Assembly.

In a further sign of the tensions, the activists loyal to Sanders have reportedly launched an effort to offer under Texas Rep. Beto O’rourke, who, despite losing his Senate race to Ted Cruz, the imagination of some of the Democratic operatives.

Sen. Jeff Merkley from Oregon, to vote in favour of a member of the chamber of Commerce and industry Sanders in 2016, also serious about a presidential candidacy. He is quiet, a lot of contacts and friends among the activist class during the five jam-packed travel this year to New Hampshire, the state that has held for a century, the first primary along the road to the White house.


“I stayed in this conversation, as I so well-received, in living rooms and boards here in New Hampshire and Iowa and Nevada and South Carolina. So that weighs on my mind,” said Merkley, who hinted that he will have to decide on a run early in the new year.

Another leading progressive in the Senate, Sherrod Brown from Ohio, is also the White house is eyeing.

So, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, another of the supporters of Sanders’ 2016 run, acknowledged, during a recent trip to New Hampshire, that they “start in earnest” for the presidency. The Hawaii Democrat also put out feelers to potential employees, during the visit.

And two high-ranking senators appearing Clinton in the primaries in 2016, Cory Booker and Kamala Harris, to be fine-gain tuning for your message, progressive voters. A third of self-described liberals in question, the latest Fox News poll said Bucher and Harris excellent or good President would have made, if he is elected.

“Progressive voters have said to make the agony of choice,” Iowa-based lawyer and longtime Democratic consultant Jeff Link before. “I think you are ready, kick the tires and see who’s the one to run to and what will they say.”

Link, a veteran of the Bill Clinton and Barack Obama presidential campaigns, said that he noted a survey of likely Democratic caucus voters in Iowa, the fact that “Sanders has about a third of its votes in 2016, but two-thirds of the Disposition.”

Saint Anselm College politics professor Christopher Galdieri predicted that the primary vote could fracture among the numerous candidates of the left.

“If Sanders’ support in 2016, said four or five or six progressive candidates to compete in the all try with each other for the same piece of the base, we find that through 2020, the way that he expected,” he said.

These departments have an opening for a well-funded centrists could – as a billionaire media proprietor and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg a Chance at the nomination by exploiting the moderate voice.

But moderate candidates to run in a similar problem. Galdieri noted that a democratic field would include upwards of 20 candidates or more, several moderate-could be contenders, “or cannibalize, each other.”

And it is the left that fuels the fire of today is not the democratic party. Almost half of the Democratic voters in a recent Pew Research Center survey described themselves as liberal, up 17 percentage points more than ten years ago.

A Democratic state legislator who asked to remain anonymous, said that at this early stage in the 2020 race, “it’s okay” , have a wealth of progressive contenders: “It will be a winnowing out process is based on ideas and personalities, and ability to convey a progressive message and to progressive credentials.”

And in a warning to grab more moderate potential Democratic presidential contenders, who might try, the progressive mantle, the legislature illuminated, that “in these days, everyone claims to be a progressive. And that’s just not true. And people like me annoyed that the re-packaging of people. It is offensive.”

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