To search Trump, the death penalty for some drug traffickers in the plan to combat the opioid crisis

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Trump’s new opioid-plan tomorrow in NH

The new White house plan calls for the death penalty for some people, dealer.

The White house announced on Sunday that it intends to use the death penalty require for certain drug dealer “to slow down, where appropriate, under the law” in an attempt, the country’s opioid epidemic.

The White house also said that President would call Trump on the Congress to enact legislation lowering the amount of the drug, the occupations would be, the mandatory minimum sentences for human traffickers.

Trump was expected to officially plan to announce on Monday during a visit to New Hampshire. He is accompanied by the first lady, Melania Trump, who has shown interest in the Problem, especially in relation to children.

The President had promised to combat the drugs crisis a priority during the campaign. At a rally in Pennsylvania last weekend, Trump the mandatory death penalty for drug dealers proposed, in the United States and claimed that the American justice system was to traders soft on people.

“It kills 5,000 people with drugs, because they are, smuggle you in, and you die a lot of money and people. And you don’t even have you put in jail,” Trump said at the time. “That’s why we have a problem, people. I don’t think we can play.”

The White house plan amounts to a three-pronged attack on the opioid crisis: strengthening law enforcement against smuggling and illegal trade, establishing a campaign to educate Americans about the dangers of opioid abuse and over-prescription, and improvement the funding for the treatment by the Federal government.

Objectives of the plan include the reduction of opioid prescriptions to a third within three years and to ensure that all state service providers in the health sector, adoption of best practices for the prescribing of such drugs within a period of five years.

Fox News’ Jennifer Bowman contributed to this report.

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