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President Trump-set to unveil national security strategy

Kelly Wright reports from Washington, DC

President Trump is set to unveil a new national security strategy on Monday, emphasizing the national sovereignty of alliances, economic security, and the reverse Obama-era warnings about climate change.

Trump will go into detail about the so-called “America First” national security strategy in a speech on Monday, a plan that could change the US relations with the rest of the world, if fully implemented.

According to a senior administration official Trump’s teaching in the four main pillars: the protection of the homeland and the way of life; the promotion of American prosperity; the peace through strength; and the advancing American influence in an increasingly competitive world.

The official said, the “principled realism (in the document), takes a clear-eyed view of the threats we are exposed to,” adding that “the strategy promotes a world that is free to do with sovereign Nations and cultures with their own objectives, while safeguarding the rights of these peoples, but also to find ways, American values.”

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The document confirmed that all Nations are in constant competition, and therefore the United States must wage a battle on all fronts – allies and enemies-includes – to ensure that the country of its sovereignty and well-being. “Economic security is national security,” said a senior administration official.

Trump is expected to emphasize that the United States stand up for themselves, even if that means that one side or disaffecting others on issues such as trade, climate change and immigration.

But it is not that the United States withdraw from world politics. The strategy aims to maintain the U.S. presence in the international community, with respect for all other countries, and without the imposition of American values everywhere.

The United States will continue to be open to relations with other countries, including alliances such as NATO, but they are based on fairness and reciprocity. Trump attacked NATO during the campaign for the lease to other countries to use American military while not spend enough on their own.


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The new strategy will also designate a strip of the Obama administration, the decision to which climate change as an “urgent and growing threat to our national security”, but to mention the importance of environmental protection.

To discuss In the speech on Monday, the President is expected, rogue States “such as North Korea and criticize” “revisionist powers” such as the Russian and China. Trump is expected to issue a strong criticism of the Kremlin and its actions in the Ukraine and Georgia.

The criticism of China, toned be down. Rather than accused of “economic aggression”, as it was previously believed that the strategy, the document refers to China a “strategic competitor.”

In relation to the Middle East, the new national security strategy of the new opportunities to promote U.S. interests in the region.

“Some of our partners work together to reject radical ideologies and important leaders are reading the call for a rejection of Islamist extremism and violence,” the document. “The promotion of political stability and sustainable prosperity would contribute to a deterioration in the conditions that the fuel sectarian complaints.”

The document will show, to “radical jihadist terrorist organizations,” and Iran as “prime irritant prevention of peace and prosperity in the region.”

“For generations, understood the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, as the prime irritant prevention of peace and prosperity in the region,” the strategy document reads. “Today, the dangers, the create of the radical jihadist terrorist organizations and the threat posed by Iran, is the realization that Israel is not the cause of the problems in the region. States have increasingly common interests with Israel in the fight against common threats.”

Fox News’ Jennifer Bowman and the Associated Press contributed to this report.

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