To replace nine candidates are competing, GOP Rep. Blake Farenthold in Texas special election

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GOP vies to keep seat in Texas special election

Texas 27 constituency unrepresented member States, for more than two months.

PORT ARANSAS, Texas – A parade of candidates to replace fishing, Texas Rep. Blake Farenthold, R-Corpus Christi, whose seat had been vacant for months.

Farenthold dogged by sexual harassment allegations, and ethics scandals when he resigned abruptly in April. To fill the of a scramble for his place – with nine candidates in the race to try and fill it.

The high interest in the race, although the term is likely to be for three months.

In two weeks, voters go to the polls for the special election, but it is highly likely there will be a second round. The top vote-getter has to capture that more than 50 percent of the vote on June 30 to win the race outright.

But the term ends. Jan. 3, there is another race for the seat in November. Only three of the candidates vying for the seat in the General election.

Republican candidate Michael cloud proved to be the party of the winner in last month’s primary runoff. He hopes to win, special and November election for the position of continuity in the district.

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There are three Republicans, three Democrats, two independent and a libertarian in the running for the special election. The Republicans fight to keep the space you’ve held for the last eight years, but the Democrats believe they have a Chance at retaking the district, the predominantly Republican and Hispanic.

The Republicans are Michael Cloud, the party, the front-runner.

Democratic candidate 30-year-old Eric Holguin will be performed in June and November. He aims to rally energized Democrats, who want change, to see.

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To understand “the people in our district, the importance of the principles of our Constitution and the principles our founder,” he said. “And I’m sure they are going to support those same principles, in this election campaign.”

Eric Holguin, a 30-year-old Democrat, who hopes his youth will resonate with those in search of a fresh face.

Cloud, Daniel Tinus, a libertarian, and Holguin are the only ones in the large pack on the November ballot. The other projects, only hold the seat for a couple of months.

Candidates say, the continuity of representation is important, in a district still recovering from hurricane Harvey. This is one of dozens of damaged houses in Port Aransas, Texas.

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“It would be ideal if one of the three candidates on the November said ballot, won the special [election] like it would promote a degree of continuity”, Tinus. “So, I, the Motive question of those who did not on the November ballot in relation to the needs of the district.”

“The last thing these circles have now said the additional cost of holding a runoff election in the autumn, after the upcoming special election,” Bruun, in an e-mail.

“I’m only said on my own”, Cartwright,. “I welcome a challenge and am glad to see that so many people are willing to serve their community and country.”

Madeleine Rivera is a multimedia reporter based in Houston, Texas.

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