To rent a Trump attempt, Trey Gowdy for legal team unravels over post-Congress restrictions

nearvideo trump hires Trey Gowdy as an external consultant for the impeachment inquiry

President Trump, the former Republican representative and former Fox News contributor, Trey Gowdy has hired, as external consultant, to represent him, in the house Democrats ” impeachment request.

To rent President of the Trump attempt, former South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy for his legal team, as he battles house Democrats about the impeachment unravels has confirmed concerns about the provisions relating to the restriction of his post-Congress activities, Fox News.

Last week, it was announced that Gowdy would be a candidate for the President of the legal Department. But a source familiar with the situation told Fox News, it was the concern about a law that says the former legislator may not communicate with or in front of their former colleagues for a year after leaving Congress.


Gowdy retired from Congress this year, which means its one-year limitation would be in January 2020.

As part of his role with Trump’s legal team, Gowdy was seem to expect on TV news programs and there was concern as to whether this could be considered communication with former colleagues in violation of the Statute. A source of the President of the legal Department said necessary Gowdy on television makes the whole thing now.

Violations of these post-Congress restrictions are intended to prevent the legislature lobbying immediately after leaving Congress, as a “crime.” But a source stressed, had nothing to do with “lobbying”, but was easy to do on the prohibition of former members of Congress from something, to influence legislators, even as a lawyer for the President.

The source said, Gowdy had to discuss lunch with trump last Tuesday, they work as external consultants. There was support from the White house chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, and White House Counsel Pat Cipollone for Gowdy to join the team. However, in the course of the next few days, Gowdy was worried that taking the job would lead them into conflict with the Congress rules on “influence” and sought an external legal opinion for the guidance.

The source says decided Gowdy, err on the side of caution, and the Trump informed the team that he would not be available to join them until Jan. 4. At the moment, he is still the team to join in this day – with the caveat that a lot can change between now and then.


Just last week, Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow Gowdy was welcomed to the team. “I am pleased to announce that the former Congressman Trey Gowdy joins our team as a consultant to the President,” he said.

Sekulow added: “I’ve known Trey for years and have worked with him, as he served in Congress. His legal expertise and his intercession is, serves the President well. Trey’s command of the law is known, and his service on Capitol Hill will be of great advantage, as a member of our team.”


Gowdy, a Fox News post. A company spokesman said Gowdy was completed last week and is no longer serve in this capacity.

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