To push the indictment raises the political concern for the house Dems, as the GOP retirements give a boost to

close tovideo Democrats at odds over charges

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she will not talk about it anymore, as Democrats, to fight, to define the prosecution of the actions; a senior Capitol Hill producer Chad Pergram reports.

House Republicans face a steep climb back to the majority in the year 2020, as an Assembly resignations complicate in the party, their efforts to make your the Hammer of Speaker Nancy Pelosi. But they can be given to double a political gift in the past week when the Democrats, in search of an impeachment investigation against President Trump.

The move came after the Republicans before already enjoyed a dose of good news on the Congress-campaign: the party’s narrow win in the special congressional election in North Carolina. The National Republican Congressional Committee announced that “the victory is another sign that the congressional Republicans are willing to back the majority.”


A day later, the House Judiciary Committee took a step with potentially major impact — approval of a resolution of the Jury charge probe to define, in the first official vote on the matter.

More than half of the democratic legislators in the house support to start impeachment proceedings. But given the GOP-controlled Senate is unlikely to act on all the possible impeachment articles to the house, moderate Democrats in the house warned loudly that your colleagues are walking into a political trap.

Those who face difficult reelections next year in the districts of Trump caught in 2016 specifically raised flags, the impeachment, the party hurt the efforts to the defense of his 235-199 majority (it is an independent house member) in the chamber.

Democratic Rep. Anthony Brindisi told Fox News on Thursday that he is worried. “I am concerned that the investigation is expanding, it takes up time from other issues.”

And the Congressman – who represents a red district – said he “would not vote [for the charge], unless there is something convincing about this.”


Rep. Donna Shalala Florida, which mirrored her Miami-area-area from red to blue in last year’s midterm elections, told reporters that the indictment is “sucking the air out of all the good things we do.”

And she warned that, it is given “difficult” for house Democrats to focus on issues critical to their voters, “the platform.” Shalala is illuminated, that they only fielded four of the impeachment questions during a total of 11 town halls in your district during the last congressional recess.


Rep. Tulsi Gabbard from Hawaii – who does not support impeachment – warned last week that “it is important for us to remember what is in the best interest of the country and the American people.”

And in an interview on “Full-Court press with Greta Van Susteren,” the democratic presidential candidate argued that “we continue to meet on impeachment, something, which I think will only further tear our country apart.”

While the judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler said, “an aggressive series of hearings” and said his panel is conducting an impeachment inquiry, Pelosi and other democratic house leaders – aware of the more moderate members of the targeted challenging reelections – have largely refrained from the use of this terminology. Speaking with reporters, Pelosi avoided the term “prosecution’s request.”

During the legal Committee’s motion could be referred a gift for the house GOP, a national democratic strategist who works on house races, the fact that the “Republicans are always in front of you, if you believe that 2020 will be decided on the basis of the indictment.”

The strategist, who asked to remain anonymous to speak more freely, said: “I believe that the American public, the perception has moved really. If you ask the average voter, I don’t think she was doing the distinction between what the legal Committee has last week and what do you do in this week. This is very, very insider, and probably half the people in DC that you speak, you would not even be able to tell you the difference. I think you read too much into this.”

The judiciary Committee vote, with 15 house Republicans, now in the direction of the exit door in the year 2020. And only two of these GOP legislators are the introduction of country-wide tenders for Governor or senator. The rest are really retired. This is a switch from two years ago – when Republicans run in the same place in the 2018 cycle, nine of the 14 house-for the were again offered a choice for a higher office. The Democrats, thanks to a 40-seat pickup in the midterms, again the majority after eight years, as a simple Deputy.

Only four house Democrats said, however, so far in this cycle, you are not active for re-election.

“For many of these Republicans, it is the first time in the minority, and the minority in the house is a tough place to be. You have to respond to an ever-present, President and defend him, that’s funny,” said Ty Matsdorf, a veteran democratic strategist who served recently as an independent expenditure Director at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Look at the recent flood of GOP house retirements, Matsdorf said: “It is always a good indicator of more to come, if you see the waves, like this one, because it tells you that there’s something systemically wrong.”

And Matsdorf predicted that between now and January we will see, the “bulk of the rest of the Republican resignations.”

Longtime Republican strategist Colin Reed confirmed that “no one likes to be in the minority. It is simply a reality of life.”

And he noted that “in General, if the control of the lower gears, switches hands, you will see an exodus of retirements in the following years, as the former chairs to get used to life as high-ranking members of the minority.”

Reed acknowledged that “it is undisputed that the failure rate in the last few weeks, helpful to the Republicans.” He argued that the party, reclaiming the majority is unlikely.

Only a handful of house GOP resignations in the districts is in progress, however. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, the top house Republicans, told reporters on Friday, “Let me speak frankly. I’m not worried about the recovery.”

He then added an exception is the retirement of Rep. Hurd of Texas. Democrats are eyeing the seat a possible pick-up.

McCarthy spoke three days after the Republican Dan Bishop’s victory on Tuesday in an extraordinary election in North Carolina, the touted was by experts as an indicator of things to come, in the year 2020, gave the GOP a much-needed boost.

But his narrow edge over Democrat Dan McCready in an area where the GOP has a distinct advantage, not fears, the house Republicans erase to a violent wind in 2020.

Matsdorf argued that, if the Bishop had lost, it would have triggered a flood of house GOP retirements. He noted that the Republican victory in the special election “is slowly leaving, but not completely, because this is a Republican seat.”


Reed played down the impact of the competition, says that he “is reluctant to place a lot of value on special elections. I think political forecasters to much of the Extrapolation of the results of special elections.”

Fox News’ Chad Pergram contributed to this report.

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