To offer Lindsey Graham backstop plan for Afghanistan, amid the withdrawal concerns

nearvideo the Pentagon to withdraw troops from Afghanistan as part of the proposed deal with the Taliban

The agreement would be.the Taliban to broker a peace, of the type directly with the Afghan government and assurances, the not be used the country as a launching pad for international terrorist attacks; response from Florida Congressman Michael Walzer, the Republican member of the House Armed Services Committee

Sen. Lindsey Graham is planning to take a legislative initiative, to create as early as next month, which require a backstop measure in Afghanistan, the secretaries of state and to confirm the defense of that Drop-troops would have learned no danger to the national security of the United States, as President Trump will move the agreement to a gradual withdrawal of the troops, Fox News have.

The South Carolina Republican said it would be “devastating” to withdraw U.S. service members from Afghanistan, when there is clear evidence that the Taliban continue to harbor Al-Qaeda foreign fighters — the same conditions that led to the 9/11 attacks.


The Washington Post was first to report on Graham’s proposed legislation – influence meant trump.

U.S. special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad allegedly negotiated a deal to draw down troops from 14,000 to below 8,600. Graham acknowledged the possibility that even with the return measure lock, Trump could still approve a plan against the advice of two senior Cabinet secretaries.

Graham told the Washington Post: “It would be devastating for any President to withdraw troops from the country in which the 9/11 attacks arose after the secretaries of defense and state and the intelligence services said that it would be safe.”


Graham said that intelligence reports alone do not have the same visibility as the eyes and ears on the ground. Critics of talks point out that while the Taliban has been negotiating with the United States, their propaganda openly encouraged suicide bombings and blames the USA for 9/11, while it shows the last video from the region, foreign fighter activity in Nuristan.

“The Taliban continue to harbor foreign Al-Qaida – led fighters under the same conditions to 9/11,” said Thomas Joscelyn of the Long war Journal. “Based on past actions and statements, there is no possibility that the Taliban may be on a deal that leaves a residual US force in Afghanistan.”

Over the weekend more than 60 people were killed and almost 200 more were injured by a suicide bomber at a wedding hall in Afghanistan.

Joscelyn added: “without boots on the ground, the United States will find it even more difficult to track effectively, AQ and ISIS is in Afghanistan. Al-Qaeda is deeply embedded in the Taliban. And it is impossible to believe that the Taliban throw you.”

Trump, last Friday met with his top security officials on the way forward in Afghanistan. “Just finished a very good session on Afghanistan,” the President tweeted after that.

In a statement after the meeting, foreign Minister Mike Pompeo said, “Led by the President, we are working diligently to continue the way forward in Afghanistan. In continuation of the close cooperation with the government of Afghanistan, we remain committed to, the achievement of a comprehensive peace agreement, including a reduction of violence and a ceasefire, which ensures that the Afghan soil and threaten never again to the United States or its allies, and brings together the Afghans to work in the direction of peace.”


The US Invasion of the country in the Wake of the 9/11 attacks in 2001, and the country plunged into an 18-year commitment, the longest in the history of the United States. It has killed more than 2,000 American troops and injured more than 20,000 and a cost of almost a trillion dollars since 2001.

The Taliban are at their strongest since the US-led invasion to the fall of your five-year government in the year 2001, after the group had harbored Al-Qaeda Laden-leader Osama bin.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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