To note NYT updates Kavanaugh ‘bomb’ the Prosecutor does not remember the alleged attack

in the vicinityVideoBeto O’rourke calls for justice Kavanaugh, in order to step down or be indicted

Beto O ‘ Rourke gives his take on the latest sexual assault allegation against a Supreme Court judge Brett Kavanaugh.

The New York Times had suddenly Kavanaugh cited a major revision to a supposed bomb to a piece of late Sunday about a new allegation of sexual assault by the Supreme Court, judge Brett Kavanaugh — hours after 2020, virtually all the Democratic presidential candidates in the original article as the reason for the charges.

The update includes the significant detail that several friends of the alleged victim said she told them she could not remember the alleged sexual assault in question at all. The Times also stated for the first time, that the alleged victims refused to be interviewed, and has no comment on the episode.

The only first-hand statement about the alleged attack in the original piece came from a Clinton-connected lawyer, who claimed to have witnessed.

“Editors’ note: An earlier version of this article was adapted from a soon to be released book, not an element of a book-account in respect of a claim by a Yale classmate, the friends of Brett Kavanaugh shoved his penis in the hand of a schoolgirl in a drunken dorm party,” the Times wrote.

The note continued: “The book reported that the student refused to be interviewed and friends say that they don’t remember the incident. This information has been added to the article.”

The paper did not immediately respond to an E-Mail from Fox news comment search.

That the Declaration is not well with conservative commentators, who unload a barrage of criticism on the left-oriented newspaper.

“Should I be surprised at this point that the NYT would make such an unforgivable mistake?”

— Mark Hemingway

“Should I be surprised at this point that the NYT would make such an unforgivable mistake?”, real clear investigation of the brand Hemingway asked.

The Washington wrote Examiner Jerry Dunleavy: “Crazy how the “a” element that was not part of the original article was the part in which the alleged victim said friends, she recalls, it happens.”

This undated photo provided by the Safehouse Progressive Alliance for nonviolence Deborah Ramirez shows. Ramirez went public with allegations that, while in his first year at Yale University, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh put his penis in front of her, and let her involuntarily to touch you during a drunken Dorm party. Kavanaugh denied the accusation, shortly after the Sept, it was reported Sunday. 23, 2018, of the of the magazine The New Yorker. (Safehouse Progressive Alliance for nonviolence, via AP)

“It is important to note that this correction almost certainly would never have occurred if conservative media people such as @MZHemingway and the other would have won the copy of the actual book itself on the same day the statement/article was published,” – author James Hasson said.

Throughout the day on Sunday, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Beto O’rourke, Cory Booker and Julian Castro, among other things, declared that Kavanaugh “needs to be indicted,” cited the statement.

The revived, longshot push to get Kavanaugh came away from the high court as Democrats, ” obviously an effort to accuse the President of Trump has come largely to a halt. Trump, for his part, suggested on Sunday, Kavanaugh should sue for defamation.

The Times piece by Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly, adapted from their forthcoming book, argues that Kavanaugh’s classmates from the Clinton-connected non-profit CEO, Max Stier, “saw Mr. Kavanaugh with his pants down to another drunken dorm party, where friends, pushed his penis in the hand of a student.”

The times, not to mention the bull-his work as a Clinton defender, or a bull is a legal confrontation with Kavanaugh during the Whitewater investigation, and simply called him a “respected leader.”


To discuss according to the times, the bull “designated senators, and the FBI is aware of this account” last year, during the Kavanaugh hearings, “but the FBI did not investigate, and Mr. bull has refused, in public.”

However, not to mention the times “article also striking is that Pogrebin and Kelly’ s book found that the student had questioned, denied any knowledge of the alleged consequence.

“The book notes, silently, that the woman Max Taurus was named, allegedly, victims of Kavanaugh and friends denies any memory of the alleged event,” said The Federalist, the Mollie Hemingway. “Seems not, I know, significant.”


The book reads: “[Tracy] Harmon, whose name has now discuss Harmon Joyce, also refused to, the incident, although several of her friends said that she did not remember.”

“The omission of these facts from the @nytimes story is one of the worst cases of journalistic malpractice that I can remember,” wrote the “National Review,” the Washington correspondent, John McCormack on Twitter.

McCormack writes extra: “If Kavanaugh’s” friends pushed his penis, ‘it is then an allegation of misconduct against Kavanaugh’s ‘friends’ not Kavanaugh to yourself? Certainly a modern liberal Yalie, who would be one of those strange non-sexual ” naked parties both recognize the student and Kavanaugh are the two alleged victims of this alleged incident, apart from an additional assertion that a college-age Kavanaugh, asked his ‘friends’ to push ‘his penis.'”


The times went on to note in the article that he had “confirmed that the story with the two officials who communicated with Mr. bull,” but the article clearly only meant that the times had confirmed the bull of his request to the FBI. No first-hand report of the alleged episode, which was apparently won.

Nevertheless, Democrats announced a new effort to overthrow Kavanaugh. Hawaii Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono said — the notorious last year that Kavanaugh didn’t deserve a fair hearing, because he might be pro-life-told the Senate judiciary Committee should begin an enforcement investigation to determine whether Kavanaugh lied to the Congress.

Impeachment Kavanaugh would remove a majority in the Democratically-controlled house, and it is highly unlikely that two-thirds of the votes in the GOP-majority Senate would then be required to him by the Bank. No Supreme court or the President has ever been convicted by the Senate, although eight of the lower-level Federal judges were.

To stop the long odds on the 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls from joining the effort.

“I was by those hearings,” Harris wrote on Twitter. “Brett Kavanaugh’s song of the U.S. Senate and, above all, for the American people. He was on the court through a mock process and its place in the Hof is an insult to the pursuit of truth and justice. He needs to be indicted.”

During the hearings, Harris hinted strongly that they knew that Kavanaugh had the wrong Special Counsel Robert Mueller ‘ s then discussed ongoing probe with the trump lawyer is associated.

Harris did not provide any evidence for the bombshell allegation that went viral on social media and sent the courtroom into silence, even as they accused directly Kavanaugh lying under oath.

Castro and Warren echoed that had committed the mood and said Kavanaugh perjury.



“It is clearer than ever that Brett Kavanaugh lied under oath,” Castro wrote. “He should be indicted. And the Congress should consider the failure of the Department of Justice to investigate to correct the matter.”

Warren wrote: “in the Last year, the Kavanaugh nomination was rammed through the Senate without a thorough examination of the allegations against him Confirmation is not interfere with discharge, and these latest revelations. As the man who appointed him, accused Kavanaugh should.”

O’rourke claims to “know” that Kavanaugh had lied under oath, and falsely claimed that the new Prosecutor was well known, the Senate Democrats or the FBI in the last year.

“Yesterday, we learned of another allegation against Brett Kavanaugh—a, we do not know, before he was confirmed because the Senate is forced to rush to the F. B. I., to save his investigation, his nomination,” O’rourke said. “We know that he lied under oath. Should he be accused.”

Sen. Cory Booker, D-N. J., tweeted, in part, “This new statement and additional evidence adds to a long list of reasons why Brett Kavanaugh, should not a court of justice. I stand with survivors, and countless other Americans, to demand, to begin impeachment proceedings.”

Amy Klobuchar stopped short of calling for impeachment, and instead posted a picture of Kavanaugh Prosecutor Christine Blasey Ford with the words, “Let us never forget, what looks like courage.”


Bernie Sanders, meanwhile, said he supports getting rid of Kavanaugh all legal possibilities: “the revelations confirm what we already knew: During his hearing, Kavanaugh faced credible allegations and likely lied to the Congress. I will keep support all of the appropriate constitutional mechanism to bring him to justice.”

As the calls mounted, Senate majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., Sunday afternoon, shot back on Twitter-and made it clear that Kavanaugh was everywhere.

“The far left, to take the willingness to totally unsubstantiated and unfounded allegations during last year’s confirmation process was a dark and embarrassing Chapter for the Senate,” McConnell.

He added: “Fortunately, a majority of the senators and the American people rallied behind the timeless principles of a fair trial and the presumption of innocence. I look forward to many years of service, of the justice Kavanaugh.”

The times ” piece also noted that well before you had Kavanaugh was a judge in a Federal, “at least seven people”, as he is exposed to, allegedly, to Deborah Ramirez at a party.

Ramirez had as a classmate at Yale after confirmation of your story, and even said some of their classmates that could not have been reported to remember the perpetrators in the alleged episode — before the change to rate their thoughts, and public debt Kavanaugh “after six days of carefully your memories, and consultation with your lawyer,” the New Yorker ” last year, in a wide piece of mocked.

The Senate Judiciary Committee, then led by Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, wrote in a summary of his investigations, he contacted Ramirez’s counsel “seven times, evidence for the allegations in the “the New Yorker”, but “Mrs Ramirez search produced nothing in response, and refused a Committee request for an interview.”

At the end of Sunday, Grassley’s office, called out the times for the omission of important details in the story published this weekend.

“@NYTimes not Sen. apply Grassley’s office for this story. If that were the case, we would have reminded them, a couple of important public facts left out,” Grassley team wrote. “Despite 7 attempts of staff, Mrs Ramirez’s lawyers to provide the rejected evidence referred to in the article/witness-accounts to support the claims. They also refused invitations for Ms. Ramirez to speak to the Committee investigators or provide a written explanation.”

In addition, the FBI reached out separately to reaffirm to almost a dozen people that the claims of Ford and Ramirez, and ultimately spoke to ten people and two eye-witnesses, but apparently found no confirmation.

The Agency is the investigation began after then-Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., for a one-week delay in the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, an independent Agency could be called into the claims against him. Flake said of the FBI probe, needed, limited in length to avoid derailment of the process, with endless claims and probes we go back to Kavanaugh’s high school years.


To be Kavanaugh, predicted by the Democrats during his confirmation process, a hard-line, conservative, often sided with liberal judges, while the Supreme court in the last term.

The President, meanwhile, accused the media of trying to influence Kavanaugh. He also went on to say that Kavanaugh should go on the offensive and the media for making false statements.

“Brett Kavanaugh should start suing for libel, or the Ministry of justice should come to his rescue. The lies about him incredibly are told. False accusations, no recriminations. When does it end? You try to influence his opinions. Can’t let that happen!” he tweeted.

Grassley sent several criminal recommendations to the Ministry of justice in connection to the alleged lie to Senate investigators submitted during Kavanaugh’s confirmation process — which could be what the President meant when he wrote Sunday that the DOJ “should come, [Kavanuagh’s] rescue.”

One of these recommendations was for the now-disgraced lawyer Michael Avenatti and one of his clients, Julie Swetnick, about a possible conspiracy, making false statements to Congress and obstructing the investigation. Swetnick’s credibility took a hit, so she changed her story about Kavanaugh’s alleged gang-rape trains, and her ex-boyfriend go public to say she was known to “exaggerate everything.”

Swetnick and Ramirez were just two of several women accused Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct during his confirmation process. Ford especially testified that Kavanaugh tried to sexually assault her at a party when they were teenagers, and dubiously claimed that the memory was “indelibly” in your “hippocampus” – although no witnesses to confirm their ever-changing story-also their close life-long friend, Leland Keyser, the Ford had said, attended the party.

Keyser, according to the Times Reporter’s new book, don’t believe that Ford in history — and refused to change their opinions, despite pressure from progressive activists and Ford’s friends.

“It simply makes no sense,” Keyser said, referring to Ford’s explanation of how she was raped at a party, the Keyser visited, but could not remember how she got home.

Ford’s lawyer, Debra Katz, was quoted in a new book than to say that Ford was motivated, forward to the desire to Kavanaugh the day ‘ s reputation with a “star in a part of”, before he could begin, the decision on abortion-related cases.


“In the Wake of these hearings, I believe that Christine’s testimony brought more good than the damage that the woman caused to enemy Republicans, by Kavanaugh to the court,” said Katz. “He will always be an asterisk next to his name. If he takes a scalpel to Roe v. Wade, we know who he is, we know his character, and we know what motivates him, and this is important.

“It is important that we know, and that’s part of what motivated Christine.”

The Federalist reported last week that Ford-the father of private supported Kavanaugh confirmation, and Ed Kavanaugh approached, clearly on a Golf to make space, its support.


Some of the demands that emerged during Kavanaugh’s confirmation fell apart within days. For example, sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, Dr. I., a call from an anonymous constituent who claims that in 1985, two heavily drunken men”, referred to as the “Board and Mark” had been received, sexual abuse, a friend of hers on a boat.

The Twitter account belonging to the Prosecutor, apparently, called for a military coup against the Trump administration. The constituent resist the sexual assault claim called on the social media site days later.

Fox News’ Andrew craft in Plano, Texas, Chad Pergram, and Ronn contributed Blitzer to this report.

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