To lead Trump picks China hawk, new White house trade representative

Another sign that he intends to shake up relations with China, President-elect, Donald Trump, economist Peter Navarro named to lead a newly created White House council on trade.

The University of California-Irvine professor, the recommended trump card during the campaign was sharply criticized China’s economic and military policy in books and videos. In addition to leading the new White House National Trade Council, Navarro, Director of the trade and industrial policy.

In a statement, the Trump transition team said the creation of the Council, “the President-elect’s determination to American manufacturing great again.”

Trump says China’s unfair trade practices are responsible for the extinction of American factory jobs. The American manufacturers cut off to have 5 million jobs since the year 2000. Trump has been cut to impose threatened taxes on Chinese imports and label China a “currency manipulator”, for the push, allegedly, of its currency, Chinese exporters a price advantage.

Navarro, author of “Death By China”, a hard-line advocates against China. Navarro has dismissed warnings that the imposition of sanctions against China could trigger a destructive trade war if China retaliates by imports to the US. He and Wilbur Ross, an investment banker tapped to be the trump trade Minister — have argued that China and other US lose trading partners to in a trade conflict, because they depend so much on the US market.

Trump already has US-China relations unsettled. Earlier this month, he broke Protocol by a call from the President of Taiwan. China sees Taiwan as a breakaway province and is of the opinion, a confirmation that it has its own head of state as a grave insult. Trump also said he is committed to the long-standing “one-China policy”. In the context of this policy of the United States Beijing recognises as the sole government of China and acknowledges its claim to Taiwan, but in terms of the status of the self-government of the island as cleared.

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