To increase the self-image


High self-image — the key to success in any a sver of activity. Self-assured people achieve career heights, they find suitable partners, it is easy to them to come into contact to surrounding people. But how to be, if all this is not about you? What to do, if you possess low self-image, and the concept "self-confidence" seems a prerogative of the elite? The answer is obvious — it is necessary to work over the relation to.

To accept itself

  Certainly, you aren’t ideal — but, strangely enough, it concerns all people. The difference between those who is successful, open, strong spirit and those who suffers from own awkwardness, helplessness and uselessness, consists in a simple thing: representatives of the first category of people love themselves and accept itself with all shortcomings.

 Learn to be more patient in relation to itself. Imagine that you — are the child, small, intimidated to which obviously doesn’t have support and love. How you will treat such child? Really you will begin to reproach and humiliate it for each miss, each mistake? Here and it is necessary to support and not to abuse for oversights more. Your shortcomings — it is your shortcomings, accept them as a part of.

To appreciate yourself

  Be engaged in own positive education. The essence its is as follows: needs be not to reproached itself with shortcomings, and to praise for merits. Focus attention on the achievements, instead of on misses.

  For descriptive reasons you can do the following: take the handle and write down 5-10 qualities which you appreciate and close people love. During the heavy moments re-read this magic list — it will help to consult with many difficulties.

  It is also possible to get the special diary of achievements: each step to success (in any area, whether it be work, fight against excess weight or the relations with the man) write down. You will understand soon that, it appears, you very many achieve in the life, but for some reason ignore the successes and constantly regret about not made and missed instead of rejoicing to that is made.

  Very important in any situation to manage to praise itself — for this purpose it is possible to think up any external reception, for example, to stroke on the head. Refused a tempting cake for the sake of a slim figure or replaced a flower which all hands didn’t reach? You are the real fine fellow — praise yourself!

  For more essential achievements and a praise должа to be more notable. If you made something, that avoid because of uncertainty in (performance on public, a campaign in a gym etc.) that present to for it any desired gift — descend on a session of expensive massage or buy a dress of which long ago dreamed. 
To be itself

  Always remember that you — the unique personality, with the unique character, outlook. You — are the whole Universe. Therefore it is not necessary to compare itself to others and to build in the head the priorities imposed by public opinion. Compare yourself only with by itself — as you changed in comparison with what you were a few years ago? Perhaps, you learned to drive the car, to prepare or changed a hairdress to the best? Equal only on yourself.

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