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The former trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, and former Deputy assistant secretary of state in the Obama administration, Joel Rubin debate.

President Trump announced on Sunday, Secretary of defense James Mattis, the administration of 1. January, weeks earlier than planned and just a few days after Mattis’ bombshell resignation letter made clear, his political disagreements with the White house.

“I am pleased to announce that our very talented Deputy Minister of defence, Patrick Shanahan, will assume the title of Acting Secretary of Defense from 1. January 2019” Trump wrote on Twitter on Sunday morning. “Patrick has a long list of achievements during his service as Deputy and previously Boeing. He will be great!”

In his letter of resignation Thursday, Mattis, 68, had said he would continue in his role for more than three months Also on Thursday, Trump had said Mattis — the first Cabinet officer in 40 years, to resign over a policy difference with the President was to leave in February.


FILE – In this 9. In April 2018, file photo, Deputy Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan, right, listen as President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting of the Cabinet in the White house, in Washington. A US administration official says that the defense Minister Jim Mattis from his post Jan. 1, 2019, as trump is likely the Secretary of the name Shanahan as Deputy. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)

“The end date for my term of office is February 28. February 2019, a date, you should be sufficiently nominated time for a successor to, and confirmed, as well as to ensure that the Department are the interests of properly, movable and protected to include upcoming events congressional posture hearings, and the NATO Defense Ministerial meeting in February,” Mattis wrote on Thursday.

It was not immediately clear why Mattis’ departure date was apparently moved, but the tension in the Defense Department, Washington, and, in General, has skyrocketed in the days since he suddenly announced his resignation. Sources told Fox News this week that Mattis had quit to “protest” about the President of the national security policy, and more could come kicks.

The withdrawing of U.S. troops from Syria is an impeachable offense?

Washington elites condemn Syria’s pullout decision; reaction of Colonel Douglas MacGregor.

U.S. officials said this week that the Trump management is making plans, pulling out all the 2000 troops from Syria, and Trump later tweeted, “we have defeated ISIS in Syria, my sole reason for his presence during the Trump presidency.”

Trump has the shock of his Syria decision, in spite of a serious decline, say critics, is that the exit should come as “no surprise” his 2016 campaign promises, argues that America’s role as “policeman of the Middle East” worth the sacrifice.


Ground troops moved into Syria in 2015 to combat ISIS in the region, in the midst of an escalating civil war in Syria. Trump had spoken, before pulling out of Syria, but military leaders had warned about ISIS re-emerging, the US should do that. There is also concern about the task the U.S. ” Kurdish allies.

The message that Mattis is leaving earlier than expected, comes just days after Brett McGurk, the U.S. envoy for the global coalition to defeat the Islamic state (ISIS), accelerated on Saturday his planned departure, and has announced his resignation.

US envoy for the coalition against the Islamic state, Brett McGurk, the Kuwait internationally respected conference for the reconstruction of Iraq, in Bayan, Kuwait 13. February 2018. REUTERS/Stephanie McGehee – RC1F82970110

The Associated Press reported that McGurk said in a resignation letter to foreign Minister Mike Pompeo, the ISIS was on the run, but was not yet defeated and that the United States work in Syria was not yet ready. Fox News has confirmed that the McGurk submitted his resignation letter on Friday, a day after Mattis retired. His resignation will become effective on the 31.

The President played down, said the news via Twitter on Saturday evening that he had appointed, neither McGurk met him.

“Brett McGurk, I don’t know, was appointed by President Obama in 2015. Was actually left in February, but he entered tweeted before leaving the” Trump. “Grand Stander? The Fake message, the production is such a big deal about this nothing!”

“If someone announced but your favorite President, Donald J. Trump, that after the decimation of ISIS in Syria, were we bring back our troops home (happy & healthy), would this person is the most popular hero in America,” he continued in a follow-up tweet. “With me, hard, instead of the Fake messages in the media. Crazy!”

Meanwhile, the White house plan to withdraw half of its troops in Afghanistan has been dragged through the summer-around 7,000 soldiers — similar criticism. While President Obama promised repeatedly, pull out all troops from Afghanistan by 2014, US and NATO troops to remain there, in a largely training and Advisory role.

Afghanistan’s security forces rely heavily on the U.S. air forces against the Taliban and an upstart, the Islamic state affiliate. More than 2,400 American soldiers have died in Afghanistan since the 2001 US-led invasion, and Trump announced in a video last week that the troop deaths on his mind at the announcement of the extracts.

Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin, Adam Shaw and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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