To give birth under self-hypnosis: ‘It was amazing’

Under hypnosis, of a baby bear: the women who consider themselves in poor health are able to take on during the birth of a child to experience less stress, pain and discomfort.

The women in their lives a long time been beset with a horrific geboorteverhalen by their mothers, sisters, aunts, and strangers, and to become conditioned to the idea that the pain is unbearable. That is why they are afraid to give birth, and then what they thought, birth is painful, or if there is unnecessary working.

The fear of death, that is, the rationale for the course, “hypnobirthing”, and was developed by American Marie Mongan.

“Women have been conditioned to be scared to be pregnant”
Marie Mongan, founder of hypnobirthing

All Over the world, to follow people, their training, and they learn to to pregnant women can be in pain can have on the child birth through relaxation and breathing exercises. In the Netherlands, and Belgium, there are now seventy-two teachers, who have the certificate of the Mongan earned.

Ever bloedspetters on tv

The horror stories, giving birth on tv where the bloedspetters to fly: that’s a lot of women are afraid to give birth, it is not surprising, ” says Petra, Lomartire of the HypnoBirthing Association, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

Women can learn five lessons about how of exercises in a state of self-hypnosis to hit. “That is to be compared with the time when you’re almost asleep.”

“Hypnosis is like when you fall asleep.”
Petra Lomartire, HypnoBirthing Association

The body pijnstillingshormoon endorphins, the self-hypnosis, the chance of stress hormones that strain and pain, to create, to replace, ” says Lomartire.

“When women are anxious and tense, then the system is locked. In animals, it stops the birth process if the mother is too anxious, for it was not safe for the child to be born. Here’s how it works in humans. The muscles go into spasm, the pain is getting worse and worse, and sometimes it needs to be taken, and to lose my control over the birth. The latter, especially, is a traumatic experience.”

‘It was amazing’

In a survey carried out along only to give birth hypnobirthmoeders supplies of wild enthusiasm. Shanna Kirmits labor had to be brought in, it was in 18.5 hours and it was really exciting, ” she recounts. It was a aangezichtsbevalling, and the heart rate of the baby dropped.

“The hypnobirthingtechnieken I megarelaxed remained and I was able to relax in my bubble, I so I have all of the pieces out myself, I have been there. It was an amazing thing.”

“I’ve got all the pieces out myself, I have been there. It was an amazing thing.”
Shanna Kirmits, mother of

Mechteld Keller and gave birth under general anesthesia, she says, but because of the hypnosis, but she was there. “I wanted to be as aware as possible of my birth, to witness and heard the pain I feel, not one of them.”

“It was not to be: that I had pre-eclampsia, and was under general anesthesia for a c-section. However, I have a huge to hypnobirthingcursus had, even after the surgery. I had a dream that I was my own labor to assist in the…”

Your subconscious mind is when an operation is still active, ” says Mechteld.”I felt completely present with my baby.”

“Hypnosis is not a cure-all’

In the Netherlands, the Marie Mongan, is Barbara Corsetto, hypnotherapist. Thirty years ago, they are pregnant women is to learn how to be themselves in a state of trance party. That is a trance, she said, is in a deep state of relaxation, making the experience of pain is less.

“Hypnosis is not a cure-all, pain is always subjective. The hypnobirthers the work of Marie Mongan goal is to have a pain-free labor and delivery. For me it’s a bit far for you. I teach women how to relax, because the emotions and fears can have a huge impact on the amount of pain.”

Just think of the man on the bed of nails, ” says Corsetto, or their parents, which is an impossible physical performance in as their child is in danger.

In a trance, you are open to your suggestions

Corsetto will work with the audiotapes do. “Low, slow and monotone voice, I am speaking of texts, in which they will be able to listen to in the run-up to the birth. And as a result, they are in a trance, a deep state of relaxation.”

In a trance, standing, women, open to suggestions, ” says Corsetto, and because of the encouraging statements to that audiofiles will find that there is an unconscious process in which women’s confidence in their bodies and on their own start to be able to feel it.

“You are allowed five minutes to make noise and complain, and cry, and then go back to your account.
Barbara Corsetto, hypnotherapist

Pain relief during childbirth may affect your breathing, as well as for the baby, ” says Corsetto. “It’s not dramatic, but the baby gets less oxygen and is weaker, and the situations (especially in the world.”

“Five minutes to complain, and more”

The pain and panic, then you must also allow for, say, the hypnotherapist. “I always like to say, you are allowed five minutes to make noise and complain, and cry, and then get back to relaxation. Since your child will be born.”

“Sometimes I forget about women, what they are doing. It’s all about the pain, but you can bring new life to the world. With that goal in mind, it is easier to have a strong physical performance.”

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