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Harris Faulkner and John Yoo discuss Governor Cuomo’s decision to not cooperate with the Federal government over the sanctuary of the law and what options are on the table for President Trump

New York democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo visited the White house on Thursday in the hope that he could persuade President Trump to reverse a recent decision to boot New York by Global Entry and several other trusted traveler programs (TTP), which make it possible to avoid the travelers, long queues at the border between the US trusted.

The leaders in the dispute centered on New York’s new “Green light Law,” which allows illegal immigrants to obtain state driver’s licenses and also bars Federal immigration agents access to state motor vehicle records.

The Trump government said that the cutoff of state records is threatened the safety of the public and responded with the blocking of New York, and from participation in Global Entry and other “trusted Traveller” programs. New York sued, then, that on his expulsion.

Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf trade, told reporters that Cuomo-and Trump a “productive meeting held.” He called the relationship between the state of New York and the Federal government is an important, but said it “was complicated by the unilateral action of the state of New York in respect of the exchange of safety critical information with DHS.”

Wolf, who announced for the first time, the new travel rules, on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson tonight,” said in a tweet that the discussions will always find a friendly solution.

“In New York alone, in the last year, ICE 149 child predators, identified or rescued 105 victims of exploitation and human trafficking arrested arrested 230 gang members, and seized 6,487 pounds of illegal narcotics, such as fentanyl and opioids,” Wolf wrote to New York officials last week. “In the vast majority of these cases, ICE records, for the fulfilment of their mission relied on the New York DMV.”

The “Green light Law,” Wolf went to “compromise CBP’s ability to confirm whether a single application for TTP membership of the program meets the requirements for eligibility.”

“This law and the corresponding lack of security, the cooperation of the New York DMV, DHS requires to take immediate measures to ensure DHS’s efforts to protect the homeland are not at risk,” he said.


In a tweet prior to the meeting, Trump Cuomo is said to understand “that the National security far beyond the policy.”

“New York needs to stop arguing all of his unnecessary legal & carry out, start cleaning itself, and the reduction of taxes. Build relationships, but don’t bring it, Fredo!” Trump said, in the turn of an insult, referring to Cuomo’s brother, CNN host Chris Cuomo.


The “Fredo” reference is a nod to “The godfather” movies, and a character in the film, which reveals in the end his brother. The reference was first seen by a trump supporter, last summer, in a viral video, the TV-journalists get angry with the man for the insult.

In the video, Cuomo, the term was meant to be said as a derogatory term for his Italian heritage, similar to the “N-word” for African-Americans. (“Punk a** b*****s right-you can call me Fredo,” Cuomo said in the video. “My name is Chris Cuomo. I’m an anchor on CNN. Fredo from ‘The godfather.’ He was a weak brother and use it as an Italian slander.”)


Cuomo had said that he is ready to restore Federal access to driving records on a limited basis.

But to not leave you in the lunch-time press conference, he promised that federal immigration agents, you can find lists of people who had applied for a new type of license, to prove by the applicants that they are legal in the United States.


“If you think you are going to extort, to give New York, you have a database of people without papers, you are wrong. I’ll said never do that,” Cuomo.


Meanwhile, a group of New York sheriffs on Thursday expressed “deep concern” over the “Green traffic light to the Right,” the latest law enforcement group to oppose the legislation. In a letter to Cuomo and other politicians, expressed in the New York state Sheriffs’ Association and its “opposition to and deep concern.”

Cuomo in TV appearances, said he would only propose to give Federal officials access to the state driving records of applicants traveler programs, which need to submit in order to verify an in-person interview, and background.

“There are no undocumented person, the interview for an in-person, before the Federal government,” Cuomo said on the MSNBC show “Morning Joe.”

Department of Homeland Security Secretary officials confirmed that New York’s decision to cut off Federal government had access to driving records is part of a pattern of the state is the work of immigration and border hinder the protection agent. They said that the lack of access to driving records would make it more difficult to catch, to confirm refugees, or to quickly, the identity of a Person.

Trump and Cuomo have a long history, dedicated to evil over the years. Last year, Trump suggested on Twitter, accused New York city officials to harass his New York-based company in search of “anything at all, you can find me as bad as possible.” He complained that his family spent a fortune on lawyers.

Four months later, Trump declared that Florida would be his new permanent residence, after he said from the White house, not from New York, he was treated “very badly, by the political leaders of the city and the state.”

Cuomo replied: “Good riddance” and “he’s all yours, Florida.”

The two clashed on trump income tax cuts, the imposed benefits, a $10,000 cap on state and local tax-Hiking Federal taxes for many homeowners in New York and at New York city’s ban of hydraulic fracturing. Trump says New York is on a “gold mine” of energy sales.

Fox News’ Andrew O ‘ Reilly, Adam Shaw and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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