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Rep. Eliot Engel, the democratic Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, to be violently opposed to the impeachment proceedings against former President Bill Clinton as a pointless-but in an interview on Sunday, he struggled to explain why the current investigation against the President, Trump presented a meaningfully different situation.

On ABC News’ “This week,” Engel, D-NY, leads one of the four plates Trump, looking to probe to the stone-faced as anchors George Stephanopoulos angel showed a clip of his 1998 argument against the indictment.

“No one believes that the President will ultimately be removed from the office, so we have pulled this country through a six-month trial in the Senate, and Bill Clinton is still President,” said Engel in the clip. To do “what’s good?”

“We are not facing a similar situation now?” Stephanopoulos asked, in view of the fact that the Republicans condemn a majority in the Senate, where a two-thirds majority would be required to remove the President from office.

“Well, we are not. First of all, I kind of like answered, as I saw 20 years ago,” angel. “You see, we have a constitutional responsibility as members of Congress. The President says that article II of the Constitution allows him to do something. But the Convention is to prevent the President from doing things that are illegal.”

Angel later explained to this point, argued that “Congress appropriated money for development aid for the Ukraine, and the President withheld illegally, the money, and then the Ukrainians threatened.”


But Stephanopoulos’s claim that Trump the behavior was unlawfully pushed back in real time on angel ‘ s, prompting the angel to backtrack.

“Well, I — I think it is illegal, because why — why you should just take the money and to play with him, when you — sorry?” Angel said.

Career officials at the justice Department determined that no crime was committed, while trump the July phone conversation with Ukraine’s leader, and the Ukraine has consistently denied, the feeling of pressure of the trump management.

Despite little Republican support for the question of confidence in the Senate, angel insisted that “it is not a question of Republican support. It is a question of what the President did.”

Also on “This week,” Louisiana GOP Rep. Steve Scalise argues that the current prosecution’s request, contrary to precedent, and don’t possibly even guarantee the President will appoint the Council has the right tools to move up to the hearings, the judiciary Committee.

“First of all, this is nothing said, as the Clinton and the Nixon impeachment,” Scalise. “Both sides got to call witnesses, the Clinton and Nixon. The President of the counsel was in the room, able to ask questions of the witnesses. … In fact, the resolution that you just in a very partisan way, the Chairman of the full discretion to kick the President’s legal adviser out of the room and veto any witnesses that we would call. That was in the resolution. “

Meanwhile, the house Oversight Committee ranking member Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, explained his concerns with the impeachment process on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.”

“The closed-door deposits, will I still be able to be a part of,” said Jordan. “But then, when you go to the open hearings, it is only the Intelligence Committee. Adam Schiff is set for 45 minutes under the resolution, passed on Thursday, to ask your questions. The rest, members receive five minutes. Adam Schiff is to call the witnesses he wants. But the Republicans have, for the first send one list to Adam Schiff, for his approval, for all the witnesses we or the White house could want. So, you can try a tape to a sham process, but that doesn’t make it less of a Farce. It makes it no less unfair, in a less partisan.”


In a contentious house rules Committee meeting, trying to in the night last week, Democrats systematically rejected GOP, change the rules of the game, which the legislature use it as a charge. The rules were later, in a strongly divided vote.

“I think we are all an expression of our own frustration here,” House Rules Committee Chairman James McGovern, D-Mass., as I said desperation leads to.

In a striking scene at the beginning, the rules Committee meeting, Florida Democratic Republic of Alcee Hastings, the accused himself and away from the Federal Bank in the year 1989 for bribes, the alleged “high crimes and misdemeanors” that he had committed said Trump.


Later, Hastings, you seemed to enjoy to the rules of Democrats’ ability to ram through their impeachment, says Georgia Republican Rep. Rob Woodall that his substantive arguments would essentially be a waste of time.

“Mr. Woodall, from the Latin word, we use it as a derivative, ‘majority’ came from ‘major,'” Hastings said, laughing. “The Latin word for ‘minority’ came from ‘minor.’ You understand?”

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