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Public unions fight back after Supreme court vote

Hillary Clinton energized advertises membership in the national Union of teachers conference

PITTSBURGH – a burning heat, a crowd of more than 3,000 teachers and Union members organized and marched in Pittsburgh on Saturday, when they swore that their expressed, belongs to, in apparent disregard of the Supreme court is the final decision.

Last month, the court dealt a crushing blow to the public unions in a 5-4 decision to opt for public employees to pay union fees – effectively remove the forty years of protection, and the overturning of laws in 22 States.

“We make no mistakes, this was an existential attack on us,” said Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) union. “But what they didn’t expect, was to choose for the workers, the trade unions and their communities.”

She said that the membership, according to the ECJ-Janus vs. AFSCME’s decision at an all-time high 1,755,000.

Hillary Clinton gave a speech at the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) union conference.

(Talia Kirkland/ Fox News)

The demonstration took place at the American Federation of Teachers conference, which saw performances by former U.S. Secretary of state Hillary Clinton and senators Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. The conference will continue until Monday.

“On paper it was a terrible thing, but I don’t think it would stop a bit,” Elena Brantley-Phillies, a member of the Detroit federations of teachers, told Fox News, while Jesse Sharkey, President of the Chicago Teachers ‘ Union, said: “to be Honest, we have not be putting a lot of stock in the Supreme court, we get our power to agree together to March in the streets, and be strong in our schools and classrooms.”

In the past month, the decision, the court argued, the conservative majority of the EU Treaty, negotiations on wages and social benefits were inextricably linked with his political activities. The court came to the conclusion that EU workers had to accept a limited fundamental right, such “speech”.

Weingarten called the decision a “manipulation of the Constitution.”

“You have attacked us and perverted and offensive to the First amendment, said the freedom of speech in a way that no one will recognize you,” she said.

Teachers and Union members March in spite of the recent Supreme court decision.

(Talia Kirland/ Fox News)

Although it is difficult to predict with precision, experts and trade Union representatives have said they could be 10 percent to lose a third of its members or more, in the States concerned, as conservative groups of workers to “drop-out try to convince”.

Union critics have said the Supreme court decision was long overdue and offers the employees more opportunities to move forward.

“That was a great defense of First Amendment rights – the right not to be forced to associate with a group that you don’t like and agree with, and not to be forced to support political speech they don’t like or agree with it,” said Hans Von Spakovsky, a senior fellow of the Heritage Foundation told Fox News.

Union leaders are now energize with the decision and strengths, to keep members eye advertises on the 2018 mid-term elections, that if the unions vote for change to happen.

“I’m optimistic because the people get what is going on in this country, and they understand what the forces are against us, and we are pushing together,” Weingarten said.

Talia Kirkland is a multimedia reporter based in Philadelphia, Pa.

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