To displace DOJ clashes with Flynn’s lawyers over bid, prosecutors, and the case dismissed

in the proximity ofvideo court documents reveal extent of Mike Flynn’s collaboration with Robert Müller

Former White House national security adviser Mike Flynn told special counsel Robert Mueller, the several instances, both before and after his confession, where he or his lawyers received calls from people associated with the trump administration or Congress; chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge reports.

Ministry of justice lawyers a fiery rebuttal in court Tuesday after the former national security Advisor, Michael Flynn ‘ s legal team with a variety of accusations leveled against them, to remove right in the middle of an apparent bidding of the prosecution team and get the case dismissed.

In their formal response, justice Department lawyers Brandon Van Grack, Jocelyn Ballantine, and the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, Jessie Liu also said that the team are the various requests from the government, “either irrelevant or information not already” to you.


“In the end, the motion is a fishing expedition,” the Ministry of justice wrote to lawyers, refers to a motion submitted, which was handled by Flynn, attorney Sidney Powell in the last month, the complaints about the origins of the Russia-investigation and as it is within the Ministry of justice and the FBI.

The DOJ lawyers said Powell on the submission in the last month “was, in fact, an effort by the defendant over the matter dismissed.”

“Since the beginning of their involvement, have sought defendant’s new Council to have the charges dropped, explained their customer’s actual innocence, and of the eternal conspiracy theories, stating all the while that the defendant intended that his resignation guilty,” she wrote.

Flynn fired his first team of lawyers—Robert Kelner and Stephen Anthony in June. Less than a week later, Flynn Powell, employed, had a team, a vocal critic of the former Special Counsel Robert Müller.

The Ministry of justice claimed on Tuesday that Powell was the “first contact with the government in an effort to dismiss the Department of justice, the case is.”

“Before even entering an appearance in the case, the new lawyer sent a letter to the Prosecutor General and Deputy Prosecutor General demanded to dismiss that the Attorney General’, the pursuit of General Flynn’ and remove the prosecutors from the case,” she wrote.


The submission amounted to the latest salvo in an escalating battle between the two legal teams, with the Flynn’s conviction still up in the air for his confession about lying to the FBI about his contacts with the former Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak.

Powell filing in August, said that Flynn was the case, “not ready for the day of the judgment,” citing her position as the “new Council” and its timeline, the receipt of necessary files and documents of vital importance for the defense of their clients. Powell is also alleged in the lawsuit that the government “continue denying our desire for safety” needed space to review classified information in regard to Flynn, including transcripts and recordings of telephone calls, the “allegedly substantiate the accusations against” him.

But the justice Department does not claim that Powell need “more time” to your request that the case be dismissed, “because your request is based on facts.” The DOJ lawyers also argued that Powell’s requests “seeking access to classified information, which may or may not exist.”


“A majority of the defendants, the requirements relate to materials that are not relevant to his false statements to the FBI on January 24, 2017, its wrong FARA registrations on the Turkey project, or other legitimate sentencing considerations,” they wrote, noting that some of the requirements include individuals, such as the DOJ official Bruce ear, and Christopher Steele, the ex-British spy, of the fables of non-verified anti-Trump-dossier.

“The defendant is not accused of being an agent of Russia and the government has never claimed in this case that he wrote to an agent of Russia,” she said. “His criminal conduct relates to false information about his communication with Russian officials, not his belonging to this country.”

But in a separate filing on Monday, Powell claimed that Van Grack put under pressure to make Flynn his guilty plea to making false statements to the FBI, and stick with this request, by the possibility of further pursuit of Flynn, or his son, Michael Flynn, Jr, as a means of pressure.

Powell also claimed that if the government raised Flynn’s ex-employee Bijan Rafiekian and Kamil Ekim Alptekin makes false statements, and illegal lobbying for the Turkish government in the United States, Van Grack force tried to Flynn to testify against his former business partner.

“Mr. Van Grack was found that Mr Flynn would testify in the Rafiekian case, that he knowingly under a false FARA registration records, even if Mr. Van Grack know that is not true, and Mr Flynn had not agreed to in his plea agreement,” Powell wrote in the filing.

“Mr. Flynn’s refusal on the witness stand and lie for the government on this point, prompted a heated tirade from Mr Van Grack with Mr. Flynn’ s lead counsel, in which Mr. Van Grack claimed Mr Flynn had agreed to call to beg for a knowing and willful false FARA filing.”

Powell went on to assert that, according to Flynn rejected the government’s “demand to be” you “countered” with a throat and threatened to bring Flynn’s son, Michael Flynn, Jr., as a witness in the Rafiekian study. The filing said the government said Flynn of the Council, it would accuse the FARA case, and had “obtained permission to goal-Michael Flynn-Jr.—who had a newborn—and seized all his electronic devices.”

“In sum, however, the entire prosecution failed for lack of evidence of a conspiracy or a Person who wrote as a foreign agent” Powell.

Ultimately, the justice Ministry said that Flynn, the cooperation played a role in the charges against Rafiekian and Alptekin, last year. She said that Flynn accused would have in this case, he had not cooperated.

The flood of applications has broadcast a number of other allegations, including one relating to the former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

Flynn ‘ s legal team claims that McCabe once said: “First of all, we have a f**ck Flynn, then we the interview f**k Trump,” or words to this effect,” and that … McCabe put under pressure to change agents, in the January 24 report.”

The alleged statement came after FBI agent Peter Strzok reported that Flynn had to occur a “safe and not all indicators of deception during the interview.”

The justice Department, though, claims that the government is “extensive evidence” to refute the claim, including the testimony of two Strzok and the second interrogation agent, and said they were “not aware of evidence” that McCabe used such words.


Meanwhile, the government said in late August that the case was ready for prosecution, after months of delays. U.S. district judge Emmet Sullivan has a Dec. 18 of the sentencing date, although it is unclear whether it could be fired again.

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