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Joe Concha, Lee Carter and Tom Bevan react to win Joe Biden, on ” mini-Super Tuesday.’

It is not only the trouncing Bernie Sanders sen endure from the Democratic presidential nomination rival Joe Biden on Tuesday evening.

The way the future looks dimmer and dimmer for the one-time frontrunner.


After pummeled by the former Vice-President in Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, and Idaho — and not to a breakout performance in the US state of Washington — the populist senator, who is making his second straight White house bid, went home to Burlington, Vt. It is shocking that he passed, what a prime-time primary night speech.

But now, Fox News has learned that Sanders plans to deliver a statement to the press Wednesday at 1 p.m. ET, of Burlington.

It is unclear whether he will fall out, or press forward.

Biden, almost left for political dead just two weeks ago, had a blockbuster performance in Tuesday’s competitions, strengthen its leadership in the all-important race for the presidential Convention, delegates and further cemented his status as the undisputed frontrunner for the nomination. And Biden, the strong idea presented Sanders to make a difficult choice, whether it disappears to the White house bid, as any realistic shot at the nomination quickly.

Since his landslide victory in South Carolina a week-and-a-half weeks, followed by rousing victories, three days later, on Super Tuesday, Biden has already a large coalition of voters – a solid win among African-Americans, women, suburban, and rural voters. Sanders remains strong among younger voters, but has failed to expand his base, and his electability argument with the white working-class voters was shaken primary of Biden in Michigan.

“The whole electability argument, the Sanders campaign has shown that he can, a win is a broad coalition, and two, he can turnout to grow. On the basis of the actual vote totals-to date, he has do not have been able to, either. Joe Biden has,” said Mo Elleithee, the founding executive director of the Georgetown University, Institute for politics and Public service and a Fox News contributor.

As Sanders puts himself with top advisers on Wednesday of the upcoming primary calendar appears to only make matters worse, as his window for the nomination will be closed.

The large States of Florida, Illinois, Ohio and Arizona all hold primaries next Tuesday, followed a week later by Georgia. Sanders lost all five of those States in the 2016 Democratic race for the possible candidacy of Hillary Clinton.

At last count, Sanders more than 160 delegates slipped behind Biden, and it is extremely difficult for the senator to till such a soil in the coming competitions.


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a top Sanders supporter and surrogate, extremely influential among younger, progressive voters, he said in an Instagram video on Tuesday evening that “it is coating it, no sugar tonight is a hard night.”

“Tonight is a hard night for the movement,” added the freshman legislator from New York City.

Sanders is now a couple of calls from Biden supporters to call it quits.

“Honestly, if the night ends as it began, I think it is time for us to drive the primary down. It’s time to cancel for us, the rest of this debate,” Rep. James Clyburn of South Carolina – the third highest-ranking Democrat in the house of representatives, – said in an NPR interview on Tuesday evening.

Clyburn – the highest-ranking African-Americans in the house and a huge Biden supporter and surrogate approval have contributed to the former Vice President in South Carolina – argued that if Sanders continues his campaign, “you will do nothing but get in trouble, if you continue in this competition, if it is obvious that the numbers do not shake for you.”


But Donna Brazile, a Fox News and a former Democratic National Committee Chairman, was of a different opinion.


“I think the debate should go on. I think that Sanders, Sr., and Vice Biden President will sit down and have a very civil conversation about some of the great problems for our country,” she said on Wednesday morning on “Fox & Friends”. “This is not to mention the time for the end of the process.”

The upcoming debate Clyburn is mentioned to take place on Sunday evening in Arizona.

“My understanding is that he tried his in the debate on Sunday,” Rep. Ro Khanna from California, said on Wednesday morning.

Khanna, a Sanders national campaign co-Chairman, stressed in an interview with CNN that Sanders is “reasonable. He sees where the deputies are, but he also understands that less than half of the delegates were counted, that the discussions can change the conversation. And he is determined to go forward with the debate, and the interpretation of his vision.”


Before the results poured in on Tuesday night, the Fort sen. Elizabeth Warren ‘ s White house bid — the progressive change Campaign Committee — which had urged Sanders to be in the race, the debate will remain at least until Sunday.

PCCC co-founder Adam Green told Fox News on Wednesday morning that “the progressive world of Bernie vs. Biden debate will, because all the Democratic voters should. Not because it is likely to be the outcome, but because we are not to change, the result of Biden has to resist the one-to-one control, similar to a debate with Trump. And he would have to cement some of the most popular progressive positions, Bernie, he calls on him. All this makes us to defeat, rather, Outdo.”

If the debate does not take place, Sanders will not be able, in the play-off of the cheers from the live audience, though. The Democratic National Committee announced Tuesday, that the audience was nixed concerned about coronavirus.


Concerned about the ever growing threats of the virus also forced to cancel both of the candidates on primary night rallies that were planned for Cleveland. Sanders feeds off the energy of his large campaign rallies, the disappearance is likely to, going forward in the immediate future.

To call during some Biden Fans to catch Sanders to end his White house bid, the former Vice-President holds an olive branch to his rival, and the senator’s legion of younger Fans. With Sanders and his supporters on his side, is crucial for Biden to unite the efforts, to try the party, and to defeat trump in the November General election.

Speaking in his national campaign headquarters in Philadelphia was in the night on Wednesday Biden: “I thank Bernie Sanders and his supporters, for your tireless energy and your passion. We share a common goal and together we will defeat Donald Trump. We defeat him.”


The Biden campaign told Fox News on Wednesday that the former Vice-President, and the senator did not have a phone conversation on Tuesday evening. There was no word whether the two candidates would speak later on Wednesday.

Now it’s Sanders’ turn to an important decision – with his White house bid, or the end of his campaign.

Asked three days ago on “Fox News Sunday” if he would suspend his campaign, if he lost Michigan, it was the largest award of the six States, the competitions will be held on Tuesday, Sanders said, “I would certainly be the view, and Drop out.”

But he also stressed on ABC’s “This week” that he “is a masochist, who wants to stay in a race that cannot be won.”

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