To deal with the itch: “It will be less if you don’t pay attention to this’

Chronic itching can make your life by quite a bit. Especially since there is often no cure for it. A scientist, Antoinette van Laarhoven, does all of the years of research to find ways to relieve itching and to reduce.

One in seven people suffer from chronic itching, itching, itching. “There are a lot of disorders and where itching is a symptom. Skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis, or diseases such as renal failure or rheumatoid arthritis. It can also be a side effect of some medications,” says Van Laarhoven, a biomedical researcher at the department of Health, Medical and Neuropsychology of Leiden University. She did doctoral research on the psychological processes involved in itching and pain.

People with a chronic, itching, frequently suffer from fatigue, sleeping problems, anxiety, and depressive symptoms. Van Laarhoven: “itching, itching, Itching, this can have a huge impact on the day to day work.”

The itching is a warning sign from the body

Itch – like pain, a warning sign of the body. “It’s a sign that there is any threat or damage. In the case of chronic itchiness, this warning is not as it should be.”

So, what can you do for chronic itch?

  • The underlying disorder is treated
  • Don’t scratch
  • Nails are short and clear, and nighttime cotton gloves
  • Dry skin due to the creams
  • You have to focus on the things that you like doing which makes you pay less attention to the itch to spend

There is very little scientific research has been done to the itching, itching, itching. It is known, however, that the pain and itching of the skin are largely the same areas in our brain activate. “These are the parts of the brain that deal with emotions, and sensory stimuli of the skin, and motor skills,” said Van Laarhoven. “The motor areas in, for example, even though it is activated before you start to drag. If you have only one itching to experience.”

The itching will be less and less as you get distracted, you

Van Laarhoven, focuses her research on the psychological processes that are itching to be strengthened. You will feel more itching, itching, itching, if you pay more attention to the jeukprikkel? “It turns out that that is indeed the case. If you are distracted by a task, for example, do you feel less of an itch.”

Also, it appears that the itching is less, it can be if you have a positive expectation, so if you’re expecting the itching worse. Vice versa, the same applies: in the case of negative expectations about the itch, the itch just got worse.

Moreover, itching is contagious like yawning. “When you see someone scratch, then it gives you that itch, and do you also have crabs,” said Van Laarhoven. This is also the case for people without a chronic, itching, itching, itching. Even monkeys can do it, but, as in rodents, for example, sometimes it doesn’t. It is a book about it, you can see it in some of the more advanced animals.”

Itching, itching, itching, it is just like yawning, can be contagious. When you see someone scratch, go for you to do it. (Image: 123RF)

Itching, itching, itching reduction, it is not so easy

Now, the million dollar question is: what can you do about that maddening itch? The answer to this question is, unfortunately, not so simple,” explains Van Laarhoven out. “In the first place, of course, have the disease to treat. If the skin condition improves, it will itch less. But this is not always the case.”

And the most important thing, according to Van Laarhoven: no-scratching. “A natural reaction to itching is scratching. That may provide little relief from the itch, but in the end, it’s the itch it will only get worse. Sure, if you are so hard as to scratch the skin itself. The skin is then cured and this goes hand in hand with the itching, itching, itching. This will take you to a higher level of virulence.”

Greasy creams or hormoonzalf lubrication is often not enough, according to research. That is why Van Laarhoven ways in which to do it. The focus of the itching is distracting, for example. “The train,” she says. There are hospitals that are groepstherapieën to offer, which includes behavioral modification as a part of, for example, because of something in your hand when you’re itching to feel the come up. Thus, you may be able to have the scratch to avoid.

Unfortunately, there is not a single solution, it is and always will be are derived from, the itching, itching, itching. Van Laarhoven, “Well, if you’re at work, at home, and at night, the itching is back with all the heaviness back are. The best thing is to get the chronic itching, and mindful to try to achieve this. The itch is there, and there will be a good way to learn to cope.”

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