“TO continue Camiel Eurlings for battering ex-girlfriend

“TO continue Camiel Eurlings for battering ex-girlfriend

The Public prosecution service (OM) continues former christian democrat minister Camiel Eurlings (43) for the abuse of his ex-girlfriend Tessa Rolink. Both parties start a process of mediation.

The confirm prompt notification of News Wednesday. According to the Public Ministry, after extensive research no evidence of abuse, but would a ‘simple assault’, however, have been proven.

Both parties are therefore asked to first use mediation, let a spokesperson of the TO know. This will Eurlings and Rolink with their counsel to sit down.

The officer of justice will this may be a punishment to mr Eurlings. This can, for example, a fine or community service. “If he did not agree, then he can object, and the case still has to go to court.” This matter will be made public.

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Camiel Eurlings is relieved that a long period of uncertainty is now an end seems to have come, as he shows through his spokesperson know. “It sets mediation in case Camiel Eurlings in connection with a simple assault, or domestic violence. Camiel Eurlings will request it TO be constructive and willing to cooperate”, the spokesman of mr Eurlings Wednesday night know.

“Eurlings during the nine-month study of the Public Ministry and all cooperation given and according to the agreement, no publicity sought. He has that long radio silence is taken to ensure that the research is not under pressure to convert, or possibly to influence”, this is the rest of the statement.

Insufficient evidence

Eurlings would Rolink in July 2015, have struck. They would include a concussion, a broken ellenboog and bruises to show for it.

In July, mr Eurlings declared for defamation. It has, after investigation, not enough evidence has been found.

Eurlings was from 2011 to 2014 ceo of the Dutch branch of Air France-KLM. He is also a member of the International Olympic Committee. This was Eurlings among other things minister of Transport and Member of parliament for the CDA.

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