To conjure with textile materials: mildew the new cotton?

Lara Warson (21) from Lanklaar has for many years been interested in clothing, fashion and textiles. To its portfolio and complement its techniques to improve she went to find a new kind of material. They let food beschimmelen and try this clothing design. With this project she wants to criticize our limited vision of the concept of ‘beauty’.

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Despite her love for fashion was a classic mode-training is not reserved for Lara: she wanted to conceptueler to work and think about the perception of fashion and aesthetics, about the beauty of the ugliness. After a brief stint at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, she decided to take a degree at the Willem De Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, where her teachers are pretty enthusiastic about her research into new materials. According to Lara, the future of textile or even fungus.

It all started with strips of cotton that they insmeerde with ketchup, noodles, yogurt, banana, and other foods, which they then preserved in boterhammendozen in her mother’s conservatory. Further did the time of his work and photographed them the results every week. “Mold seems to be an inexhaustible source because it is in so many variants exist.”


Lara began also fungi in 3D by a white T-shirt to dab with fruitpap, to the whole, and then have mouldy in a bag. To the T-shirt portable to make, she has a plastic sleeve around it stitched. “The smell is still an issue but visually it is a real treasure.”

white t-shirt x moldy fruits / photocredits @leraksjin

A photo posted by @skimmeltje on Apr 10, 2016 at 12:10pm PDT

She has also been a prototype of textiles designed, that consists of moldy juice, and silicone. “This is, of course, but step one of my research. Now I know at least that it would be successful to a kind of textile to create.” The idea that textiles can gather from wasted food and clothes that no one wants would be a win-win situation. If this kind of fabric is it could serve as an ecological alternative.

Colorful prints

In addition, it has also an aesthetic motive: Lara find the patterns that the fungus creates particularly fascinating. In Photoshop, edited them pictures of the moldy food with these colorful prints for clothing and shoes a different look. They also plan to use this prints to print on garments, bags and caps.

Air Jordan 3 x coffee x mold

A photo posted by @skimmeltje on Mar 28, 2016 at 9:11am PDT

The results of this project post Lara on the corresponding Instagramprofiel. She is determined to get everything out of this idea. “No one needs mold to embrace it like I do. I’m already happy if people simply think: dju that is still clean for a rotten kiwi.”

Karel Nijs

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