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New shutdown deadline looms as Dems fight over dreamer slide

Could the immigration fight to derail to Finance any deal, the Federal government?

It is a very likely possibility it could be a government shutdown, the after 11:59 PM ET Friday.

But first, the house rules Committee plans to meet Thursday, is expected to be from 8 o’clock, for the preparation of a stopgap government spending bill that you can present learned later Thursday to avoid a shutdown, Fox News has.

On Wednesday night, house Republicans presented two possible scenarios:

1) A preliminary spending bill that funds the government at current levels through Jan. 19. It defense “anomalies would include” and offer some support for the children’s health insurance. On the package, a temporary reauthorization of section 702 of the FISA, the controversial domestic political spying program would be stuck. The program would be darkness not to go at the end of the year, when the Congress re-authorize. To thwart Anti-terrorism-expert-view 702 of the FISA as an important Instrument for potential terrorist attacks. Civil rights activists view 702 of the FISA as a gross interference in the Constitutional rights.

2) An independent, not-offset – $81 billion in additional disaster spending bill to cover hurricane damage in Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and the forest fires in California.

There is a possibility, the house Republican brass was able to shutdown the merging of the two scenarios in a sidestep. But it was not clear how this will turn out.

To try a senior House Republican, who was asked to, to avoid shutting down, replied: “We passed the tax reform. At least give us two to three hours before the murder of Santa Claus on the way to Christmas.”

What is very unclear is whether PAYGO exemptions — to cut to avoid injury programs, because of the passage of the tax bill would this package be included. If not, it is almost a certainty that President Donald Trump would wait to sign the tax bill until next year, so that the potential cuts should not be repealed until sometime in the year 2018, not immediately.

The house rules Committee have a lot to prepare from Wednesday on “standby” to a “rule” for a stopgap bill until the conclusion of the make until Thursday morning. This is amazing when you consider that the rules Committee met at 8 a.m. ET Wednesday to prepare for the Senate-amended tax assessment for the soil.

If you are asked how the whip went, house majority whip Steve Scalise, R-La., said they were tabulating “not yet.” He added that it “was a lot of enthusiasm.” Although, for what the members were so enthusiastic, that remained a mystery.

“That was one of the most depressing conferences, I’ve always through,” said a grumpy, senior House Republicans to GOPers basement for about an hour, met in the capital on Wednesday evening. “And I was here for the shutdowns in the year 2013.”

Comment – taken by itself – is absolutely stunning, when you consider that a GOP Congress just passed the tax reform.

One of the biggest problems to add in some of the provisions for defense, but not the entire package, which funds the military for the entire fiscal year, and breaks down the seizure of the caps. Fox News is told that the speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan, R-Wis., overplay his hand, courting the defense of the hawks, and then never make good on the promise. And, even more important is that gambit couldn’t make it through the Senate.

“It was never a real strategy,” moaned a legislator.

That said, Fox News is told that in the conference, Ryan told rank-and-file Republicans to help the Minister of defence James Mattis supports the strategy, funds for the Pentagon about “anomalies.”

The Republicans may have along the straight expenditure account/defense abnormalities/702 of the FISA with the disaster lead to court the votes of some Democrats. It is unclear whether the Republicans carry the freight of the standalone temporary bill, the vote solely with the GOP. And it is unclear whether the Democrats would support a package that adds in disaster relief. This moment, house Democratic leaders were not consulted about the plan.

Then there are problems with the freedom Caucus. The members are concerned about the re-upping 702 of the FISA, and forcing the members to vote for him-only in order to avoid a shutdown.

“We want to change that FISA want to,” said Rep. Scott Perry, R-Pa., a liberty Caucus member. “We don’t want it based on the CR,” on the continuing resolution.

Perry indicated that the freedom Caucus had the votes to torpedo the plan as a whole, if the leaders attach to the extension of FISA 702 of the package.

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