To be controversial, as Czech prime minister Babis survive a vote of no confidence

The Czech prime minister Andrej Babis has a Thursday in the early hours of a vote of no confidence in hell. The opposition wants the multimiljardair is stepping down, who will be accused of being a fraud, but I do not have the required 101 votes in the 200-member parliament.

85 mps voted in favour of the departure of the Babis, and 85 against it, and after a seventeen-hour marathondebat prior to the vote. In total, voted in favour of 170 members of parliament. The rest were not present or abstained from the vote.

Babis hotel, is accused of years of illegal to take advantage of EU subsidies. The multimiljardair, it rejects all of the allegations that have been made.

The 64-year-old Babis, the populist party, ANO, at the head of a minority government with the social democrats, and it will gedoogsteun of the communists.

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