To avoid food poisoning.

Every day an average of two thousand, across the united states as food poisoning or infection. Five tips to avoid getting sick is to eat.

Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. We all know how it feels to have food poisoning to be. It is often difficult to determine where the poisoning is coming from.

There is a lack of monitoring of the safety of food, said the Safety Board, after an investigation. It’s going to be wrong with it, in view of the risks, and they are for a lot of people are not well-known, causing them to unnecessarily get sick.

There are several problems with the food, such as Q-fever, and the instances of fraud with horse meat. These types of problems are on a larger scale, and so it is at home in the fridge to check it out.

Own home, pay attention to: wash your hands

The netherlands Nutrition centre estimated that, on average, two thousand Dutchmen and a day to get sick of the food where there is something wrong with it. For an estimate of the time this happens in approximately 40 percent of the time, at home, in the kitchen.

There are many things to do at home problems food to avoid, says Wieke van der Vossen, an expert in food safety at the food centre.

A well-known factor is that the washing of hands. You’ll have the raw meat has touched, and continues with the fruits of the work. “It’s very important to have in-between your hands and to wash them. So, after going to the toilet or before you start cooking.”

It’s also good to have fruits and vegetables to be washed before you get it to work. “These are two very important factors that will play a role, but these people are often forgotten.”

Also, to avoid cross-contamination plays an important role in this. This happens when the same cutting board used for raw chicken and for foods. “The bacteria from the chicken to the tomatoes to move out, and that makes you feel.”

Using the same cutting board for raw meat as for vegetables, it is not a good idea. ()

Food to take to the park

It is wrong to cooling of the food can also be a problem, says Van der Vossen. “The people to keep and sometimes the leftovers, and we recommend that highly), but these remnants should be used up within two hours in the fridge.”

For example, most of our food is also a lot of extra attention in the summer, and on a hot day. “Take, for example, have a salad with him to the park, where the sun is shining and it is warm it is. Then it reaches the food temperature, where bacteria are fond of it, and started to grow. You will then get sick of it.”

This applies not only to meat, poultry or fish, is emphasized in the Nutrition centre (voedingscentrum). “You also have a pasta salad without meat can have bacteria and wear when it is hot. They do, in fact, the heat and humidity, so that they can grow as well.”

Tips to make your food safe and secure

  • I checked the store, its packaging, and the shelf life of
  • Wash your hands, fruit and vegetables, and also make sure you have a good washing afterwards
  • Cut out all meat, fish and vegetables on separate cutting boards to prevent cross-contamination
  • Food, proper cooking will kill the bacteria and viruses, as well as eat food out of the microwave
  • Keep perishable foods and drinks cool, allowing the bacteria off of it to continue. In a refrigerator at 4 degrees celsius is recommended

It’s a good idea to make a visit to the market was not yet two hours to go to shop, said of the Foxes. “And then a rise in the temperature of whatever you just freshly bought it.”

You can take food into the park, let’s try this then, well, as cool as it can be, if necessary, with the help of a cooler. It can be also a good idea to be less in the case of perishable products, bring them with you. “It’s basically everything in the supermarket, the fridge is located. Remember as well as meat, fish, seafood, meats, vegetables, and cheese.”

Please note that in addition to the expiration date on perishable products, warns expert. After that date, it really is no more food to eat.

Food infection can make you quite ill. (Photo: Thinkstock)


Symptoms that due to food infection, are caused, often disappear after a few days, but it can make you quite ill. There Is evidence of persistent diarrhea or there is blood in it, then there might be an infection, according to Van der Vossen.

Diarrhea in addition to dehydration, so you will have little need to urinate frequently, increased thirst, and sleep are. In both cases, it is advisable to go to the doctor.

This is especially true for people with a low resistance, such as pregnant women, young children, the elderly, and people who are already sick or on medication. “They need to take extra care.”

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