Tjitske Reidinga is age ‘no festive occasion’

Tjitske Reidinga is age ‘no festive occasion’

Tjitske Reidinga is puzzled when people say that they feel better as they get older. The 45-year-old actress is parent to be “not a festive occasion”.

“People say: ‘It is so good and I am so rich inside.’ Well, greetings. I would rather want to look like when I was thirty,” says Reidinga in conversation with the Beau Monde.

The actress has, when she looks in the mirror, do not feel that they have to someone watching who knows exactly who she is. “I feel exactly the same as when I was thirty. There is nothing changed. I think only this: jesus, I have longer a need to wake up and is there something hanging?”

A cosmetic surgery would Reidinga not just consider. “Botox? I’m going to try to never botox to use. Surely someone must be the grandma playing later? I leave that then. I do think that there is anything I do to my drooping eyelids. My mother also done. Not for cosmetic reasons, but they got increasingly suffer from traanogen. But beyond that I want nothing to do, am curious to see if I the red.”

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