‘Title Leicester City may be most unlikely triumph in the history of team sports’

The international media eschew the lyrical, the descriptions are not for the true stunt of brand new champion Leicester City to put into words. An overview.

A proud fan of Leicester City. © REUTERS

Not Manchester or London, but Leicester seems to be equally the centre of the voetbaluniversum. Voetbalanalisten from all over the world are doing their best in order to outdo each other in superlatives to the season from Leicester City to articulate. ‘A scenario that is more and more becoming a Hollywood script started to seem’, writes the British newspaper The Guardian.

Especially for Gary Lineker, presenter of the British voetbalprogramma Match of The Day and ex-player of the club, it was an emotional evening. In an op-ed he described the title of Leicester as ‘possibly the most unlikely triumph in the history of the team’.

Leicester City have won the Premier League. The biggest sporting shock of my lifetime, and it’s only my team.

— Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) may 2, 2016

For the British newspaper The Independent: Leicester are undeniably a worthy champion: “It is a lasting reminder that you also champion can be without the big money, but with a smart buying policy, clever trainerschap and a cast of actors who are all on to himself about the line to draw.’

The newspaper weighed the stunt of ‘The Foxes’ are also compared to six other unforgettable moments in sporting history:

The American newspaper The New York Times also gives nothing but praise for the performance of Jamie vardy granted and co., but found the final title not be a complete surprise. The competition and voetbalanalisten remained for quite a while insisting that they nevertheless sooner or later the role would need to be resolved, but the team of Claudio Ranieri proved time and time again that are wrong with including handsome victories over Manchester City and Tottenham. In addition, they lost only three times in the league. The newspaper praises superstars as striker Jamie vardy granted and the Algerian dribbelaar Mahrez, but also recognizes the portion (champions)happiness, sometimes.


The Dutch daily NRC writes that 22 of the 23 titles since 1992 were divided among the wealthy voetbalreuzen Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal and Chelsea. Only Blackburn Rovers got in the season 1994-1995 surprisingly the title, but that was also accompanied with solid investments.

Leicester on the other hand supports according to the Dutch newspaper particularly on talent and not on large mountains of cash: so is the salary of the total player base (about 61 million pounds), but half of what the first pursuer Tottenham (110.5 million pounds) spent on its players. The website Sporting Intelligence has calculated that Manchester United under coach Van Gaal more money spent for the purchase of new players than Leicester in their entire 132-year existence. The share of the scouting in the success of Leicester is also stressed: thanks to the team of head scout Steve Walsh, who previously Europe-scout under Mourinho at Chelsea, were strengths such as Mahrez attracted.

In the following days there will be countless analyses appear to the ‘miracle’ of Leicester City to declare, but for the fans of Leicester will now probably still too early…

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