Titanic helped Kate Winslet in forms of realistic expectations

Titanic helped Kate Winslet in forms of realistic expectations

Kate Winslet has thanks to her starring role in the rampenfilm Titanic learned to take account of extreme conditions during filming.

The 41-year-old actress learned a lot from the pictures, she told Entertainment Tonight.

“Titanic, I have learned to look ahead”, said Winslet against the American entertainment programme, which she spoke about her role in ” The Mountains Between Us.

“If you are in the script reads that Jack (played by Leonardo DiCaprio, eds.) and Rose (the role of Winslet) by a half-flooded dining room to run, then you know that that means that your five days in the water. That helped me also when reading the script of The Mountains Between Us. You have to be realistic about what you are asked as an actor.”


For the drama the Mountain Between Us , which in addition to Winslet and also Idris Elba has a role went to the actress is going to be in cold climes. “I have never had so much baggage included,” she joked about the recording, which in the Rocky Mountains took place. “I had to be there every day to keep in mind that I was forty minutes had to do all the clothes.”

Unlike Titanic, it is in The Mountains Between Us, this fall in the American cinemas, Winslet in the icy water. “I knew that it would be dangerous to that scene. I knew that it was extremely cold. But at the same time you can’t completely prepare for.”


Idris Elba survives in the freezing cold in the trailer, The Mountain Between Us

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