Tips to an abundance of courgettes the boss to be able to

Who she is in the garden, already know: you like it better some of the ideas behind the hand to courgettes to process, because when they once begin to grow, there is no holding back. Fortunately, the culinary applications are almost limitless. Even the flower is delicious!

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You can do it all year long zucchini buy, but in the summer they taste secretly still the best. Especially if you offer them from your own garden or terrace, for zucchini breeding is fairly easy. A plant growing is usually a dozen or so fruits, so you’re better prepared when the season at its best!

Thanks to the Italians

We would be the zucchini no longer able to miss, but it has taken a long time for the vegetable became popular. She ended up in our region after the discovery of the New World, but it was not until the seventeenth century that the Italians this long shunned vegetables began to eat and to grow. The fruits were cut off before they are ripe, and the zucchini – that actually means ‘small mergpompoen’ – was born.

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From the nineteenth century were varieties grown in the North of Europe did. The zucchini was naturally not designed for a cold and wet climate. She loves the sun and heat, and the fruit a search shadow. The large leaves, which lose weight in the winter, play parasol for the zucchini depending on the species vary between light or deeper green, to even yellow, white and grey.

Purchase and store

In our country is one of the best vegetables to eat from June to september. Choose the rugged, solid-color copies without spots, preferably heavy and especially small. Large fruits are mealy, hard and fibrous and are the best of their flavor is lost.

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A whole zucchini continues for about a week if you have him keep in the fridge, it is sufficient to cool bewaarkast (around 12°C). Get him on for that time? Cut the zucchini in cubes, blanch him for a moment, and freeze in.

Culinary chameleon

Name of a culinary preparation, and you can make it with zucchini, so versatile the vegetable is. They can easily in soups rotate (certainly the larger and what flauwer tasting of copies), but also as a puree, baked, grilled, filled, grilled, in fritters, in pasta and rice dishes, on pizza, and even sweet pastries she does it well!

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The zucchini contains very few calories, is rich in minerals, fibers and vitamins, easily digestible,… in Short: the zucchini is healthy and very suitable in any type of kitchen.

Typical for the Provencal and Italian cuisine, but also with us in advance, the courgettebloem. That is very tasty as a beignet: slightly perfumed and deliciously crispy. You can, however, they are also filled eat – hot or cold -processed in an omelette, in a salad, in risotto or savoury and even sweet cakes. Choose beautiful fresh flowers and let your imagination run free! Do you want the courgettebloemen out of your vegetable patch, than you need the alarm clock. early in the Morning the flowers are open, ready to be picked. After an hour or ten to wither them.

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Just a few quick ideas

  • Eat in place of pasta once courgettelinten in your sauce! You don’t even have a hip slicer, a peeler sufficient to have beautiful groentelinten. That you can just eating raw.
  • Fill them up: whether it’s with minced meat, lentils or a versekruidenmengeling, stuffed zucchini tastes always. They are also really easy to make, but your harvest is guaranteed to be a lot of ooh’s and aah’s of your companions.
  • Grill them. A little olive oil, some pepper and salt and grill in a grill pan or barbecue: the more you have actually not needed to make a delicious garnish in salads or additional vegetables between a hamburger to obtain.

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