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Tips To Achieve Natural Looking Hair Extensions

For those of you who have had, or currently have, hair extensions; you’ll know that the underneath portion of hair can easily get knotted into unsightly chunks. When you brush it out, sections of hair can actually come out if the hair is not maintained properly. What you can do to prevent this is take a soft brush (one of the round brushes that have short, prickly little ‘teeth’) and gently stroke it through your hair. Don’t use your fingers to comb your extensions through, as this can lead to loss of hair.

The next tip to help you keep your hair extensions in salon-perfect condition is to take care when washing. When in the shower, don’t use your conditioner to try and smooth out any tangles – this can lead to you pulling out a huge amount of hair. Your hair is actually weakest when it’s wet; so pulling and trying to untangle your knots in the shower is one of the worst things that you can do – it tugs out each of the follicles from the scalp, and detaches your hair extensions. Make sure that your hair is combed and de-tangled before you get into the shower to prevent damage.

Another trick is to take care of your extensions properly before you go to bed, don’t just crash out on the pillows! If you wrap your head before you go to sleep, you can keep your extensions straighter and ‘fresher’ for longer. your hair into sections with clips, then pin ‘loops’ of hair up to the head until all hair has been secured. What you cover your head with afterward is up to you – some people choose to use shower caps, but the best results have been seen from people wrapping their hair with a silk cloth or bandanna.

If you want to achieve a natural, wavy look with your extensions; an easy way to achieve this is braiding slightly damp hair. The perfect time to do this is straight out of the shower – part your hair into either a double or single French braid and go to bed, then in the morning you should be able to loosen your hair and be rewarded with a natural, wavy look. Alternatively, you can take your hair and twist it into a bun, wrapping it around your head and use a scrunchy/hair pins to hold it in place.

A girl’s worst nightmare is frizzy, ratty looking extensions. To keep your hair extensions looking soft and natural, brush your extensions through then squirt them with heat defense spray. If you have detachable extensions, place them on an ironing board and run an iron on the hottest setting slowly over the hair. If your extensions are permanently attached, use a pair of hair straighteners on their highest setting instead. The heat will soften and relax the strands of hair, giving them a brand new sheen. Warning: not to be used on acrylic hair! Perfect for injecting new life into tired old hair.

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