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Valentine’s day Source: Fox News spoke with an expert Who will Lewis, who is involved with the charity throughout the year in order to learn more about the heart-break. Lewis is the co-founder of the company, is a club tailor-made service, is located in New York, California, and went on to explain the theories surrounding Valentine’s day are murky, the stories behind them, are helping to contribute to the February 14 holiday, which we celebrate today.

Valentine’s day is fun, but it also comes with a lot of expectations.

We talked to the Dr. Randy Schroeder is the author of the Simple Habits of the Family Fortune, about how to have a great Valentine’s day with your significant other.

“After meeting with more than 1,500 couples, and I truly believe that it is a lot better than that,” says Dr Randy Schroeder.

According to Schroeder, “in Search of surprises for the two of you will be able to stimulate your creativity, if you like each other.”

For the best Valentine’s day possible, and Schroeder recommends a “surprise” that is meaningful to your partner. “So,” he said, “well, if your partner likes Chinese food, take them to a Chinese restaurant and had never eaten it before. If you like ice-cream, take them to an ice cream shop that you’ve never tried it before. If they are going to be a walk in the park, take them to a park that you’ve never been in before. It is important for you to have in order to sacrifice himself for any surprises, and if you both accept responsibility for any surprises. As a way to improve the surprise of the experience is to do things together that don’t cost any money.”


With regard to going out or staying in, Schroeder is recommended for the former. Although he recognised that some couples need in order to stay in the, by the children, or have limited finances,” he advises, find a way to get out of the house, even for just a little bit.

“After meeting with more than 1,500 couples, and I truly believe that it is a lot better than that,” he said. “Also, keep in mind that the clubs do not have to be a two -, three -, or four hours, but it could just be for an hour or more. I’ve had couples who think outside of the box and started to eat eggs and toast for breakfast on a Saturday morning for an hour, and they were having a great time together, and that led me to a wonderful weekend. For whatever reason, are outside of the home, and the use of time to communicate, even for an hour to strengthen the heart connection is still on.”


However, Schroeder did acknowledge that “it’s picking up a pizza and watching a movie together on the couch,” would be nice as well.

There are a lot of reasons why people may be trying to wait until the night after st. Valentine’s day, to celebrate it — with a lower cost, and lighter crowds, but Schroeder had a very important piece of advice for anyone who is trying to make it to the celebration on the 13th or the 15th.

“Celebrating early, or just when it is convenient for you is fine, as long as you discuss it in advance,” he said. “You never want your partner to think that you forgot about Valentine’s day. And it might even surprise you with a gift, even just a little bit too small, or on a card or a note for Valentine’s day, even if you are not able to celebrate with them this day.”


In the end, while Valentine’s Day is a holiday that comes with a lot of expectations, and Schroeder stated that “the value of the other is an on-going process throughout the life of the long-term relationship, and it can’t be jam-packed with a romantic getaway.

“The roses and the candy disappeared quickly, but communicating face-to-face and express appreciation to each other by means of a self-sacrificing activity, it is of vital importance. It is a privilege, not an obligation, to spend time together on a day to day basis, not just on Valentine’s day. One-on-one time to talk to each other, and touch each other often during your Valentine’s day getaway is the most useful for you.

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