Tineke Schouten (65) it is a smaller show, “Will have had enough of that circus’

Tineke Schouten is a holiday this week in the theaters with a revival of her show’s Highlights, with a number of well-known characters again upon the stage brings with it. It is based on the 65-year-old comedian is one of her last big shows, because they are looking forward to have a loose agenda and a new plan.

The comedian had earlier mentioned that she often thinks about her last show. “That sounds a bit fraught, but the next show will be the last of the big time”, explains Schouten, in a conversation with

“Such a show of works by ten or fifteen people, and that will have to do ahead of time to know if there is something in the spring. In addition, it has been a great investment as well. A show that costs three, four and five tonnes in weight. I can also, easily an hour and a half on my own on stage. Then laugh at the people that were just as hard, and they might be more sensitive, and handsome. I’d just had enough of that in the big circus.”

Rowlands is looking forward to that, her agenda is a bit more quiet than it is. “I have been around for ten years as a tv idea, but in order to make this work, you will have the time. I have a husband, three dogs, two daughters, and six grand-children, that is, if I didn’t give you time. There are times when I am on my teeth over it, that I have this and the sister is left to be done. It is really a business that you are running. Each night, you will give you 100 percent of the time. This is not a job that you have to half do it.”

In fact, it is the 06 a-line is too stupid for words

In the Highlights – that is, they are already 110 times and has stepped up – bringing Schouten of new material, as well as characters that are a large part of her audience is already familiar with. “I often hear that people have for certain characters to miss out. I thought to myself: “who are you, ten years ago, however, by any chance? I always write from A to Z new shows, I’m almost allergic to it in order to repeat things. However, since this will be my last show, I really like the highlights in the process. Singers do it, of course, also singing their very best songs, as much as 100,000 times, and live.”

Schouten, enjoy some of the characters back to life. “06-field of sekslijn control, ed. I have had ten years to not have heard of before. When I got to the terugluisterde, I really sit up and laugh, it is too stupid for words. I’m also back for the Belgian paaldanseres. That is, again, a fifteen-year-old, so they have a lot of people may not have seen. Both of the characters I’ve translated it to something actueels, for the sekslijnen have now been replaced by the webcam.”


Tineke Schouten – ’06 ‘ line’

Schouten, enjoy schouwburgleven’

The question is whether they will ever make the lesser moments of her career, and has been, can be Schouten’s actually no answer to give. “No, no, there wasn’t anything that I disliked. I’ve always known in my past. Of course, there were even lesser periods of time in between, when my children were born and my body was dying to get home. Then, there were as many as 150 events on the program, but should stay at home, and could not be, because in that period of time, after such a long time out of your career and time.

This time, the agenda of what the army is going to Rowlands have the opportunity to enjoy the schouwburgleven’. “I think it’s regularly good. I know that I have every day at 15: 00, in the car, and at 1: 00 am again, laying in my bed. Makes me feel good.”

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