Tina Brown was apprehensive about motherhood

Tina Brown was apprehensive about motherhood

Tina Brown had by her youth for a long time the feeling that they are not a child should receive. The actress was raised by her grandparents because her parents and her upbringing couldn’t do it.

“That whole idea, a child into the world, was a bit of infected area for me,” says Brown, who has a child with actor Vincent Croiset, on magazine Jan. “In my perception, that was still surrounded by stuff, in abandonment and disappointment.”

The past few years changed The Brown opinion, however. “Suddenly, through it all, came the deep desire to set up. Then I met Vincent and I am so incredibly happy that it still turned out to be. Man, I’m 40 years old, isn’t that just fantastic? I know enough stories of people around me who just don’t succeed, who is a very great sadness and I’m just pregnant. That makes me so happy.”

Scary statement

The Brown wants a mother who “was always with her child”. “As good and as bad as it goes, but I was never alone. That is a very scary decision, actually, precisely because it was so different is gone, but I want to always be there for this child. It is just a fine life can get and be who he or she is.”

The need to again make contact with her own parents, she has now that she is pregnant. “I always feel completely detached from them, because they are my parents, but there is too much happened to even a normal contact.”

She says, thanks to therapy, peace of mind to have. “I’m happy, I get a child; what is that fantastic.”

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