Time is ‘phenom’: Is AOC with the media — or the other way around?

nearvideo-Howard Kurtz: Why Ocasio-Cortez-star power far beyond their real power

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is officially a phenom.

Hey, the cover of Time magazine says so.

There is little question that the AOC has sent the media and the media only have as clever you used – either as a young, female heroine, for much of the mainstream press, or as a socialist goal, for much of the conservative media.

President Trump has privately noted that Ocasio-Cortez “is” the indefinable star quality – although he does not agree with her on almost everything. And as the President, AOC picking enjoys fighting with the press – especially those annoying errors of fact-checkers – that, in turn, generated yet more coverage.

She is already on the cover of the “National Review”, and pilloried for their Green New Deal. And what is received a member of the Congress, after only three months in office, the coveted time cover status?


Maybe the magazine with her as clickbait, or newspaper kiosk bait is, like all the others.

Here’s the nut graph is the time-piece that justifies the exceptional focus on your:

“She is a young Hispanic woman, the three cornerstones of the party elections coalition. She is a democratic socialist at a time when confidence in capitalism is on the decline, especially among the progressive millennials. The issues that she ran on a Green New Deal, Medicare for All, the guarantee of Federal jobs, the abolition of the ICE — animate a new generation of Democrats. It is a political phenomenon, part activist, part legislator, probably the best story-tellers in the party since Barack Obama, and perhaps the only Democrat with the star power-challenge-President Donald Trump.”

The only thing that the experts consider weak about their White House Challenger, with 29, is not old enough to run.

But the over-coverage can be justified in this sense: Ocasio-Cortez has become the face of the Democratic party, perhaps even more so than Nancy Pelosi. Their Fans love the idea of a dynamic, savvy, Instagram, offensive liberal change agent of the party establishment pushing on the left side. Your critics love the idea of a self-described democratic socialist, the plans with big expenses, a party which was based on the moderate candidates to win the house.

At the same time, the all-AOC-approach the label too much influence. Newcomers have little real power in an institution based on seniority. Pelosi has not suggestions just hugged Ocasio-Cortez. So she has to drive the ability of the media to call it a debate, but a supervision hearing, or put a bill on the floor.

Again says, “you replaced Hillary Clinton as the preferred punching bag of Fox News experts and Republican lawmakers, and the hits take their toll. Public opinion Ocasio-Cortez is pissed, as she is better known; according to a Gallup poll in February, 31 [percent] of Americans overall have a positive impression of her, against 41 [percent] unfavorable — a 15-point swing since September. The same survey showed that their popularity had increased, with the Democrats and nonwhites.”

The Fox website played yesterday, to a new ad that hits Ocasio-Cortez, a Republican in a special House election in North Carolina.


The generally cheerful time history recognizes both the limits of their power and their controversial role in the party.

“Green New Deal” proposal has been driven by political debates on the left-hand side, but it has virtually no chance, as soon as possible. To boost your allies primary challengers plan to the moderate and conservative Democrats, a push that Ocasio-Cortez distanced himself from but one that brought her the enmity of some colleagues. Many house Democrats are angry that their fame and the fear that it overshadows the efforts of the moderate voters, the party of the majority. In private, some admit they are a little afraid of her.”

Now, this is fascinating. In other words, they are not only concerned about the image it conveys, but some think that it is too big for your freshman britches.

The dilemma is that, while Ocasio-Cortez answers only to her district in Queens and the Bronx, and in other parts of the country did not leave so receptive to a hard message, even if it attracts kudos online. A democratic candidate in Michigan is, in the words of their message quoted is more important than to win elections — but you can’t change the policy to win office. (And he got clobbered in his race.)

Time dutifully notes that you partly blame yourself for Amazon, but recognition of its second seat in Queens; that her office botched the Green New Deal rollout by the publication of an apocalyptic draft version; and, that the subject of an FEC campaign Finance complaint, the calls wrong.


And given that you have some factual errors — reminds unlike the man in the White house — the magazine to what she told Anderson Cooper:

“I think that there are a lot of people more worried about, exactly, factually and semantically correct as the morally right thing to do.”

But their moral position is stronger, if you transport in to the actual facts.

Look, the fact that a woman who was recently a waitress and bartender at the time, the cover is quite an achievement. It is a bubble that may not be the last. But for now, the AOC and the media-dependent relationship from which both sides benefit in a Co -.

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