Tim is the Best in examining for the future: “Maybe a pill against heartbreak’

How does the world look like in about twenty years time? In The future, it is a fantastic examine of Tim den Besten (32), together with Who Frank what is it going to change our minds, our fears, and our gaining mating opportunities. If it was the presenter that you are a child, you can get anyone you like.

The program focuses on how men over twenty years of living, said The Best. “Each episode has a different theme: the first generation. We take a look back at the how to get IVF on the release, with a lot of the criticism it was receiving, but also take a look at the next time step. Over the twenty years we have, perhaps, no longer have a child to carry, but we’ll let it grow in an artificial womb, and we obtain the following nine months.”

What is the most interesting discovery is that when the program is done?
“I’m a gay man, and would in the future be able to have children, but, of course, not organic, along with my best friend. In the program, I learned that it is possible to get from anyone else, a skin cell into a stem cell, which you can use to make an egg and bring together with a sperm cell. I have a child that biologically, my boyfriend and I have been. It can also be very easy for set up, I’ve got a meet-and-greet with Beyonce, and then I can have a hair of a hair pick, as well as having a baby with her.”

You can see it’s real to you, that the conditions that are outlined in the is really going to happen?
“Basically, the series is based on technologies that already exist, or that scientists say,” this is going to be a couple of years to really realize it. An example of this is the geheugenpil, which have been successfully tested and is already in use. The pill makes sure that you know that you’re worried about it, but it takes the anxiety away. I went to visit a girl who is afraid of injections, and the pill is working. The next day, she was given an injection to test the effect, and then it was the fear that we had, indeed, gone. It was strange to be she was about to do.”


In the future, it is great

How do you think that the life of 2039 look like this?
“My mother thought in the past that made it possible for us flying cars would be around. I think all of that is not so quick that we have a twenty year life, you can’t just think of all the things that could come up. Thirty years ago, it is not possible to predict, that we are now a lot of our phone, were able to do so. Along that same line is, of course, much more can be done. Perhaps we will soon be using our phones all the time, however, in no time at all in Australia. Or, if you are looking for the geheugenpil, there may be something to consider so you do not have a broken heart can feel it. Whether that’s a positive, I don’t know: when you see all the trauma and pain of a life experience, you can feel joy? I was wondering if you, or human being can feel it.”

Are you afraid of the future. Do you think that we are too far in shooting?
“The technologies that are coming our way, our life will improve in a positive way, but there are also ways to change the negative purposes only, I’m afraid. Oh well, we still have to meet with all of us.”

In the future, it is a fantastic (VPRO), then the next six Thursdays at 20.55 pm, broadcast on NPO 3.

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