Tim Hoffman: “It feels at last as though my body back to me’

After an accident at the age of fourteen, and to an incident when tv footage in which his jaw was broken, noted Tim’s Description) that he has suffered was his body. To train to be physically strong, and he finally got the feeling back in control of his body, too.

The presenter was at the age of fourteen hit by a car, in which he has screws in his arm, and a delicate shoulder blade has. Two years ago, there was a Description during the recording of the program, #ANGRY, is attacked by a landlord, in which his jaw was broken.

“And I’m somewhat recovered, I went to work out, mostly because I’m physically stronger and wanted to feel. Now, it feels as though my body back to me. For the first time since I was fourteen, I don’t think I have control I have over my body,” says the presenter, in an interview with the Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant.

According to the Description), he still suffers from his jaw, that is, two-hit, making it one part after another part has been abandoned. “She didn’t straighten up, because you will need along with your facial nerve. And if they hit, you have half the face is paralyzed, and that’s pretty awkward. So now my right jaw is shorter than my left one.”

Hoffman underwent a hair transplant procedure

The presenter, over the years, there are a lot of looks. On the date of such determination by the reporter that he was there in the past as a challenge to be like, and now, as a hipster, he says indignantly.

“What do you mean, am I a hipster? I have pictures on my arms that mean something to me, and that beard is, I think, just pretty. I have all my teeth, too. There were some gaps in between, and then he said to the dentist: “do you want me that close?’ “Yes,” I said, ‘it is good’.”

Description to let you know a hair transplant will undergo and. “I’ve got my head in the alcoves, her, it. I had it on the tv, it’s a joke to made about that, in the alcoves, and then called a doctor, who said, ” I called for you.” I might have to drop by on a Saturday, and it was done. I promise you, yes. Why shouldn’t I?”

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