Tim Burton does not see himself quickly vervolgfilms directing

Tim Burton does not see himself quickly vervolgfilms directing

Tim Burton is in the news regularly because of a possible sequel to his Beetlejuice, but the director tells in conversation with little salvation to be seen in sequels. “Some movies are better if you just leave.”

A second part of the successful movie from 1988 starring Winonah Ryder, and Michael Keaton is regularly discussed in the media, but according to Burton, it remains there for the time being with.

“Everyone’s talking about indeed. But there is little action taken. Maybe once a day,” says the 58-year-old director of such films as Edward Scissorhands, Alice in Wonderland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Burton says a sequel to The Nightmare Before Christmas, to have the ability to create and that is also a sequel to Edward Scissorhands could have done, but that he is the films rather just leave. “I think every film for me is so special that I find it difficult to think of a sequel. I’m only open to it if it’s really true.”


For his films he is looking for stories where something special in it. Tells the story in his new film Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children meets according to the director of that requirement. In the film, Jake followed: a normal teenager who is not quite a place can be found at school. When his grandfather is murdered and he long, scary creatures, behold, he goes looking for the origin of all the stories that his grandfather told him.

Soon comes the young Jake into a world where children can soar, consist of bees and the dead to life awaken. The nanny who the orphanage runs can turn into a bird.

“When I read the book I almost got the feeling that I myself had written. All elements would fit me: that you’re curious it feels as a teenager, the feeling that you are not quite to hear, that you see things that might not have been, that feeling that maybe you are crazy. That is all very recognizable for me, I had those feelings when I was young.”


Not only in the choice for a story is that special, important, also, in the selection of actors looking for the director to special people. For that reason, he frequently works together with Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and Miss Peregrine for the second time with Eva Green.

“The people that made me excited because she has so many different things. Thus, Eva can be funny, emotional, strong, strange, and beautiful. That makes me very excited. To see people with whom I am curious am what they are going to do. And to them in each film is very different than in the other. Johnny, Helena and all the other people with whom I often have worked, all have that dynamic. These are all people who are open to new things.”

The enthusiasm of the director, works according to his actors contagious. Actress Eva Green, who the title role plays in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children immediately said ‘yes’ when she heard that Burton’s film would make. “Tim creates such a special universe. (…) He has such a unique look on things. I’d be all for him playing, so it is not difficult to decide that you want to work. (…) It is a lot of fun to work with him. A next movie, I would immediately say yes.”

Young actors

Asa Butterfield and Ella Purnell both worked for the first time with the director. Butterfield plays in Miss Peregrine in the main role: the young Jake who is discovered to be different than others. Purnell plays a character with the special gift to allow the air to be able to manipulate so they can float.

“I would say yes to every movie with Tim Burton. I adore his films and would it a hundred times again can do,” says the 19-year-old Butterfield. Purnell (20) closes. “I love it when your watching a movie and you immediately see that the film is, that person is directed, that there really is a clear stamp. Tim, you know immediately: this is a Burton movie.”

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