Tiffany Haddish does not occur in Georgia because of the controversial abortuswet

Comedian Tiffany Haddish has decided that its action is located in the state of Georgia, to order. They are protesting this at the controversial strict new abortuswet.

According to the American media, it is Haddish’s first big star, who do not want to occur in Georgia in accordance with the law.

The comedian sent a card holders for the concert on Saturday an e-mail in which she made her decision and told. “I need solidarity, and to declare, with all the women, who, by law, to be vulnerable,” writes the star of bioscoophits as a Girls Trip, and Huisdierengeheimen 2.

To the conservative, law-has recently been in three states and has led to a lot of angry comments.

Among others, Disney, and Netflix’s move to Georgia

Human rights groups have argued that the abortuswet the right to self-determination of women as a serious anything. Also, underage girls who become pregnant as a result of rape or incest should not have abortions, more suffering.

Many large media companies have said their operations in Georgia to pull back to protest the law. Netflix and Disney for the past few years, a lot of movies and tv series in Georgia, have turned, have to let you know, all the production in Georgia, which is still at the top of the agenda, to cancel the order.

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