Ticketeigenaars Tomorrowland screened: privacy Commission investigates legality

The federal police confirmed that all the 400,000 ticketeigenaars of Tomorrowland proactive were screened and that there are a number of toegangsweigeringen. The Commission has doubts as to whether there is a legal basis for, and examines the case.

Tomorrowland © Tomorrowland

Several owners of a ticket for the popular dance festival Tomorrowland have the privacy Commission contacted because they message have been given to them for security reasons, the access to the festival will be denied on the basis of a proactive screening by the federal police.

The privacy Commission says not in advance of the screening, and to question whether there is a legal basis for a general screening of ticketeigenaars. She wants the business together with the supervisor of the police Committee P investigate.

‘Tomorrowland refers to in the communication to the victims to us, but we were not aware of the procedure,” says privacy Commission-spokeswoman Sarah Boulerhcha. “We have already contacted Tomorrowland and the federal police and will Wednesday together.’

‘Currently, we doubt whether there is a legal basis for a general preventive screening of all ticketeigenaars, also of those who never mispeuterd. Moreover, it is not clear to us on the basis of which facts in the history of the ticketeigenaars a negative opinion of the police, and then a toegangsweigering.”


The federal police confirmed that all the 400,000 ticketeigenaars and also all of the employees of Tomorrowland proactively by the General National Database are extracted and that there are a limited number of toegangsweigeringen have happened.

“We have the admission of the mayors of Tree and Rumst and that we have, that is in both municipalities a regulation voted,” says spokesman Peter De Waele.


“There were a lot of people aimed for small and larger facts, but we are not given a lot of thought’, explains De Waele. ‘Each case is considered individually, not just by a computer, and finally, there is a limited selection remaining.’

The mayor of Rumst, Geert Antonio (N-VA), allows the federal police to the suggestion made to the screening to be conducted. ‘The police are just doing their work”, he responds. ‘Today, We live in different times than it was some years ago in the field of security.’

38 denials

Tomorrowland would be the first festival where in our country, such a screening is done. “Every security manager is a festival must for himself decide what he desirable or possible eight,” says De Waele about. ‘Tomorrowland for instance, works already with tickets in the name, that is, of course, a condition. Further, you also have the permission of the mayor.”

According to Tomorrowland, there are so far 38 ticketeigenaars that a toegangsweigering have received. About the screening of the employees, the festival has still no figures.

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