Thus, it affects the packaging of food and drink for the taste

The packaging of the food determines not only whether we buy a product, but also how we can expect it to taste like, and how do we actually find the taste. A professor of sensory science and eating behavior Kees de Graaf, tells the story of how manufacturers are here, with clever use of it.

It is, you might have noticed at the grocery store: the sweet products are often red, on the package and light products-light blue or other pastel colors.

“The color, try to make us in the first place, something about the intensity of the taste, to tell you,” says The lord. “Red is associated with sweetness, blue and bright.”

“Because of the color and the packaging is more attractive, it may be that we, consumers may be more likely to be healthy choice.”
Kees de Graaf, professor of food likes and dislikes

Our expectations of what a product will taste, to be by him duly, influenced by the colour. “It defines the absolute if there is anything you buy or do not buy it,” says The lord. “Blue water and green ketchup, we will not be quick to eat it. You have to think two times before you get a bite of.”

The Count of mentions, as another example, “coca Cola Zero will be black. Because of this, try the manufacturer for us to influence. If it looks like coca-cola, it tastes more coke.”

The packaging may suggest that it is something of a treat it is

In a study in which The Count of performed in order to show that the packaging is also very important for the positioning of a product. “A vruchtenyoghurt, which is actually a good ontbijtproduct, it may be on the packaging to suggest that it’s a desert, it is. This will have a huge impact on the choice of the consumer.”

The same research also shows that when there is a “creamy” on the package, yogurt will actually like is creamier it is perceived. “When the word delicious is the taste that you expect it to move up. The yogurt tastes great for consumers, this really is creamier than the exact same yoghurt without using the term ” packaging.”

The researcher, Irene and Workstations, from the research group of The duke, received his phd a couple of years ago, research into the containers, and expectations. They had one group of subjects a number of times with the same yogurt and a sausage taste to it. The food was exactly the same, only the packaging is different. Nevertheless, it was thought that the participants will really make a difference to the taste.

Plain yogurt with the word “creamy” on the package, it tastes creamier. (Photo: Thinkstock)

White wine-red is made, it tastes like red wine

These results are similar to the results of a well-known French research that has been carried out, with the red and white wine. “If you like white wine with a red color, add found the people in the red wine and the flavors,” explains De Graaf. “So, you see, that’s the expectation we have of a product to determine how we will experience it.”

The subjects were further up the containers with more saturated and less bright colors are more attractive. The Count is: “, A light blue container, it is less and less appealing. However, to expect people in a healthier product. The color and the packaging is more attractive, it may be that we, consumers may be more likely to be healthy choice.” This is, of course, to the manufacturers.

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