Thrillerserie The 12 Schouwendam as of the 12th of november on the Video

The new thrillerserie The 12 Schouwendam is on Tuesday, november 12, in its entirety on the Video to see it. In the sequel of The 12-Oldenheim are the best among others, Gijs Naber, Carine Crutzen, Huub Stapel, Fockeline Ouwerkerk, and Benja Bruijning.

In the second part of the 12-string, ” which tells a story about the town of Schouwendam, that the 25-year-old under the spell of two of the mysterious disappearances.

In The 12-Schouwendam they won’t be twelve characters, and, as in the first series, and that was the case, but the number 12 does have a big role in this.

This article is about the village of Schouwendam, that the 25-year-old is weighed down by two of the mysterious disappearances. Since 1995, we are a strange girl, and a seventeen-year-old boy is missing. At the moment, a mysterious man in the town is shown, that in the past it exploding back to life. There is also the deadly blast, the paranoia in the town full-time.

The script writers have to re-Lex, Passchier, and Martin van Steijn. The control is in the hands of and Anne van der Linden and André van Duren. EndemolShine Scripted to be responsible for the production.


Click here to watch the trailer for The 12-Schouwendam

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