Three summer cocktails of high-level

Cocktailspecialist Paul Morel, an ex-bartender of the Upper Room Bar of The restaurant The Jane, showed his skills during a masterclass summer cocktails. Cheers.


‘Here steps down.’ Nothing on the facade of a visible ordinary rijtjespand in the heart of Antwerp suggests that this is an underground cocktail bar is. And yet. It is on this ‘secret’ location that the Dutch bartender Paul Morel for the occasion some very high level drinks with unusual combinations from the cocktailmouw up.



Morel is not the first the best. He learned the tricks of the trade on the part of Sergio Herman, in restaurant Pure C (Cadzand), where his passion could completely develop. Then he went with the chef towards Town where he is the head bartender in the ” Upper Room Bar of The restaurant ‘The Jane’ started to work and the cocktails to a higher level lifted.


In the meantime, chose Morel, be sure to to go his own way, developed its own signature, and he travels around the world to new insights, different flavors to discover and create new combinations to think of. Since his last trip to Japan is the mixologist at all the way of green tea. He processed it in a meringue is locked which he cocktails aftopt to two structures in the glass to create. Surprise people with new taste sensations, the flamboyant bartender makes it his mission.

During this masterclass, he picked up with three creative summer cocktails, each with a different tonic from the Spanish brand Indi as a basis, and fresh produce and herbs to a picture to create. It is striking that he in the preparation is not based on alcohol, but inspiration from fresh produce and herbs (and techniques) for a fresh touch of worry. Those who want to car to his wonderful creations, go ahead. Attention, they require (very) much, craftsmanship.

Indi Strawberry tonic (4 pieces)


Strawberry gravy

200 ml of Invincible white

200 ml Indi strawberry tonic

1/5 vanillestok

11/2 cup of strawberries

40 ml lemon juice

Add all the ingredients together, bring to the boil and leave to cool. Then remove through a sieve and fresh with fresh lemon juice.

Tomato gravy

31/2 tomatoes

20 gr ginger

1 korianderbloem

1 shiso leaf leaf

1/5 red pepper

1/5 star anise

2 korianderzaadjes

400 ml of beer

1% of the total weight of the tomatoes to fijnzout

10 ml Yuzu juice

Cut all fresh products and place them in a vacuümzak. Add the beer, spices and flowers. Pull the whole vacuum and let it 1 day rest. Get the whole through a fijnzeef and fresh with Yuzu juice.

Matcha foam

2,5 g of high quality Matcha tea

Filtered water

Bring 200 ml water to the temperature of 60 °c. Blend by using 2.5 gr of Matcha tea and let it cool in the fridge.


Serve the Indi strawberry tonic ice cold. Combine 2/3 strawberry juice 1/3 tomatenjus. Blend the Matcha foam with a hand blender until nice and airy and top off.

Indi Lemon tonic (4 pieces)


Grass infusion

535 ml buttermilk

27 gr of dried hay

1 handful verbena

1 hand

lemon balm

27 ml of fresh lemon juice

54 ml Indi lemon


Add buttermilk, hay, verbena & lemon balm in the pan. Slowly bring to the boil and leave to cool. Pour the heldervocht gently by a fijnzeef. Fresh the whole with lemon tonic and lemon juice.

Flowers and toppings

80 ml of water

110 ml lemon tonic

40 ml lemon juice

40 gr of sugar

3 doveneteltoppen

1 fresh elderflower


1 sprig of lavender

1 gelatine leaf

Add water, sugar and flowers in the pan. Slowly bring to the boil, cover and leave to cool. Thread it through a fijnzeef, fresh the with fresh lemon juice and add the tonic. Bind the whole with gelatine, then fill in the went and add 2 patterns.


Fill a highball glass with ice. Fill the glass up to 3/5 with the cold infusion. Top off with the bloemenespuma and decorate with seizoensbloemen and herbs.

Indi regular tonic (4 pieces)


Herbal infusion

230 ml of white port

30 ml dry sherry

8 1/2 ml Mezcal

14 ml amandelsuiker

14 ml of fresh lemon juice

1/2 geranium top

1 tijmbloem

a pinch of star anise

3 fennel seeds

1 salietop

1 sprig of rosemary

Zest of lemon

2 drops

chardonnay vinegar

Mix the white port, sherry, Mezcal, amandelsuiker and chardonnay vinegar. Fill a vacuümzak with the liquid and herbs. Infuse the herbs for 30 minutes at 60°C and allow to cool.


Fill a wine glass with ice cubes. Pour 70 ml of the kruideninfusie in the glass. Grate the zest of lemon into the glass. Decorate with mediterranean herbs. Top off with Indi regular tonic.

The corresponding tonics of Indi & Co are of Spanish origin, and are traditionally produced in a small distillery where aromas and flavors be distilled from Mediterranean and Oriental plants and fruits, by means of traditional methods of fermentation and distillation, without the addition of artificial sweeteners. There are three flavors available on the Belgian market: the tonic water, tonic, lemon and strawberry tonic.

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